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Quantum dance to the beat of a drum

Physicists at the University of Regensburg choreograph the shift of a quantized electronic energy level with atomic oscillations faster than a trillionth of a second... more


“It is time to usher in a new era of science”

... more


Dr. Chitra Rajendran has been elected as Vice Chair of the User Executive Committee (UEC) for the Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS) at Stanford University.


Synergizing Success

Physics Draft Proposal of the University of Regensburg and Its Partners Advances to Final Round in Prestigious Excellence Strategy... more


Looking at the Sides of Molecules

Lateral force microscopy reveals previously unseen hydrogen atoms.... more


Walter Schottky Prize awarded to Dr Nicola Paradiso

Renowned DPG prize goes to a physicist from the University of Regensburg for the second year in a row... more


A novel microscope operates on the quantum state of single electrons

UR researchers publish study in the renowned journal Nature... more


The nanoworld in super-slow motion

New flagship programme for doctoral students in Regensburg approved... more


UR Professor Elected Fellow of the American Physical Society

Prof. Dr. Franz J. Gießibl honoured for outstanding research... more


Why Does It Get Hot When You Rub Things Together?

Unraveling the Mystery of Dynamic Friction at the Atomic Level... more


Sign-reversal of Josephson diode effect

Discovery by UR physics research groups will transform quantum electronics... more

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