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 Post address

Hochschulambulanz für Psychotherapie
Universität Regensburg
Landshuter Str. 22
93047 Regensburg

Telephone and Fax

Tel.: 0941 / 943 60 80
Fax: 0941 / 943 81 60 80



Phone hours:

Fridays: 09-12.20 am

Personal consultation

Upon arrangement by phone.

During personal consultation we can determine whether you are suffering at a psychological disorder and which are appropriate measures (preventive measures, outpatient psychotherapy, outpatient psychotherapeutic acute treatment, inpatient treatment or other assistance). Depending on your needs, we will recommend appropriate contact points or offer an outpatient psychotherapy in our outpatient clinc.

Barrier free entrance:

Please be aware that there are 15 steps between the main entrance of the Landshuter Str. 22 and the University Outpatient Psychotherapy Clinic.

  1. Departement of Psychology
  2. Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy