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Privacy Respecting (mobile) SocialTV


In the current information technology age, the demand of tools that meet social interaction needs, e.g. SocialTV and Internet-based media advertisement, is gaining in importance. Thus privacy becomes a matter of concern in this respect. Social interactions comprise privacy risks and threats that may enable abuse, e.g., man-in-the-middle attacks based on profile analysis at the server-side. Since in the area of SocialTV current software as well as hardware solutions are mostly server-centric, one cannot fully eliminate accidental or intentional risks and threats even by the reconstruction of users’ personal information and their interdependencies. In this project, we evaluated the potentials of SocialTV by considering end-users’ privacy based on lab and field trials. In these trials we enabled eighteen people of various ages and expertise to use centralized as well as decentralized (group-centric) solutions for SocialTV by means of a Web-based software prototype. 

The current work in this project focus on integrating the anonymous credential system Idemix in mobile SocialTV settings (WallShare system).



Publications and Materials

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First Results


Project Participants

Prof. Dr. Dogan Kesdogan, Mohamed Bourimi, Marcel Heupel (Idemix and mobile privacy-respecting HCI), Philipp Schwarte (Idemix integration e.g. for adult content).

Project Partners (University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain)

Prof. Dr. Ricardo Tesoriero, Pedro G. Villanueva, Prof. Dr. Jose Antonio Gallud.

Former Project Participants

Dr. Thomas Barth, Dr. Dhiah el Diehn I. Abou-Tair, Katrin Höfke, Falk Kühnel. 


For more information, please contact Prof. Dr. D. Kesdogan or Mohamed Bourimi

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