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Study in Regensburg

Why study in Regensburg?

But then again - why not? We have everything you need right here. You do not have to visit any other place to see the Akropolis, the Amazonas River and much more. Just lean back and watch the video;)


A souvenir from the University of Regensburg

These exchange students have received a small UR souvenir as a farewell gift. They are using it to send greetings from their home countries.


How do international (exchange) students like the city and university of Regensburg?

Here you will find some impressions of international students at the UR.

Thao is a student of the Vietnamese-German University and is spending the summer semester 2022 at UR. She shares some of her Regensburg experiences and her favourite (Bavarian) food.


Nikita from the Universitet Slaski in Poland was so kind and shared some memories of his exchange semester at the UR with us.



Mariana, Vianney and Mariana from Mexiko in front of the Walhalla hall of fame, a very famous sight close to Regensburg:


Ana and Antonija from the University of Zagreb in Croatia shared some of their Regensburg experiences in this video. For sure they will visit Regensburg again some day.




Elvina from Russia (Kazan Federal University) loved her semester abroad in Regensburg. Read some of her quotes and see photos of her trip to Berlin in her presentation.

Elvina´s presentation


Iustina (Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj, Romania) and Anja (University of Lubljana, Slovenia) enjoyed their time in Regensburg and learned a lot about bavarian culture and traditions.


Gabriela from the Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP) in Araraquara, Brazil, was an exchange student in 2019. She shares some of her impressions in a video.



During his stay in Regensburg, Kojima from the Dokkyo Medical University in Japan was able to aquire some practical experiences at the University Hospital Regensburg. He summed up some of his impressions in a presentation.

Kojima´s presentation


Elisa from the Universita degli Studi di Trento in Italy spent a year abroad at the UR in 2019.

About the UR

Study in Regensurg - an introduction



The UR has a lot to offer for students from all over the world.



You can access more clips via the UR Youtube Channel.

UR Youtube Channel


Besides studying, the UR has much more to offer...






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