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The University of Regensburg program in German Linguistics specializes in the description and teaching of language standards, language standardization, special language systems in High German (i.e. the languages of science, advertising and law)and the correlation ofthemediumwith writing as well as (de)standardization processes. Larger research projects in these areas are currently being developed. Several ongoing research-projects in the German Linguistics doctorate program are already working onparts of these research topics. Please contact Prof. Dr. Paul Rössler for further information.

As adjunct professor for German Linguistics Prof. Dr. Hermann Scheuringer leads a research group studying the Bavarian German and all its dialect varieties as a cultural heritage (i.e. in the study of (place) names, Bavarian dialects spoken in Eastern-European and Slavic regions and in the treatment of speaker-biographies as well as multilingualism and language contact in German-Bohemian settlements around the world). This research is partly supported by the Bavarian Academic Center for Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe (BAYHOST).

In order to pursue research in the above fields, the Department of German Linguistics maintains numerous cooperative research programs and international research partnerhips with universities located predominantly in Southeastern Europe.

Within the scope of these studies the University of Regensburg has hosted and will continue to host conferences, conventions, symposia, guest lectures and other events (see “Tagungen” for further information).