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Projects 2023/2026

  1. Fine Properties and Applications of Thin-Sheet Folding (principal investigators: Bartels, Sören ;  Hornung, Peter)
  2. Novel Approaches for the Multidimensional Convexification of Inelastic Variational Models for Fracture (principal investigators: Balzani, Daniel ;  Peter, Malte Andreas ;  Peterseim, Daniel)
  3. Multiscale systems of plasticity in a data-driven perspective (principal investigators: Bartel, Thorsten ;  Schweizer, Ben)
  4. Variational model order reduction for the prediction of plastic events in disordered materials (principal investigators: Bamer, Franz ; Stamm, Benjamin)
  5. Robust structures in compliance minimization (principal investigators: Bella, Peter ;  Wirth, Benedikt)
  6. Variational quantitative phase-field modeling and simulation of powder bed fusion additive manufacturing (principal investigators: Brunk, Aaron ;  Xu, Bai-Xiang)
  7. Modeling and Analysis of Adhesion Hysteresis Between Rough Surface (principal investigators:  Dondl, Patrick ;  Pastewka, Lars)
  8. Variational modeling of parameter-dependent plasticity - relaxation approaches and numerical concepts (principal investigators: Dolzmann, Georg ;  Hackl, Klaus)
  9. Coordination (principal investigators: Dolzmann, Georg)
  10. Geometric nonlinearities in PDEs for Cosserat elasticity (principal investigators: Gastel, Andreas)
  11. Variational Formulations in the Non-Isothermal Thermo-Chemo-Mechanics of Nonlinear Materials: Co-Design of Theoretical Model Development and Parallel Solvers – Phase 2 (principal investigators:  Kiefer, Ph.D., Björn ;  Rheinbach, Oliver)
  12. Rate-independent systems in solid mechanics and their coupling with other dissipative systems (principal investigators:  Knees, Dorothee ;  Mosler, Jörn)
  13. A variational scale-dependent transition scheme: From Cauchy elasticity to the relaxed micromorphic continuum (principal investigators: Neff, Patrizio ;  Scheunemann, Lisa ;  Schröder, Jörg)
  14. Regularity and Scaling of Wild Microstructures in the Modelling of Shape-Memory Alloys (principal investigators: Rüland, Angkana)
  15. Project on atomistic and continuum fracture models for nanorods: equilibria and dynamics (principal investigators: Schmidt, Bernd)
  16. Nonlinear Fracture Dynamics: Modeling, Analysis, Approximation, and Applications (principal investigators: Thomas, Marita ;  Weinberg, Kerstin ;  Wieners, Christian)


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