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GMT Summer 2020

V5B5 - Advanced Topics in Analysis and Calculus of Variations at Uni Bonn

Please also visit the official webpage at basis.uni-bonn.de.

The course will be given online.
Please contact me if you need a password and don't have access to eCampus.
The library has ordered licenses for electronic copies of Maggi's book for participants.

  • Summer term 2020
  • Dates: We noon-2pm, Fr 10am-noon
  • Place: SemR 1.008 (We) and SemR 0.001 (Fr)
  • Prerequisites: measure theory & analysis.
  • Office Hour: We 2-3pm

About the Course

In the graduate-level course Geometric Measure Theory we will study sets of finite perimeter which appear in many geometric problems as they generalize in a natural measure theoretic way the notion of sets with smooth boundaries and enjoy excellent compactness properties. After paving our way to defining sets of finite perimeter, we will study their compactness and regularity properties. If time permits, we will discuss further topics like minimal clusters, free discontinuity problems, and some applications.

Working knowledge in measure theory and analysis is assumed.


Wednesdays noon-2pm
Fridays 10am-noon

Office Hours

You can find me in my office (room 1.002 in Villa Maria, Endenicher Allee 62) by appointment or during my regular office hour:

We 2-3pm.


Maggi, Francesco. Sets of finite perimeter and geometric variational problems: an introduction to Geometric Measure Theory. No. 135. Cambridge University Press, 2012.

The mathematics library on Endenicher Allee 60 has a copy of the textbook in its Präsenzbestand on the 1st floor.
The library has ordered licenses for electronic copies of Maggi's book for participants.

Further Reading

L. Craig Evans and Ronald F. Gariepy. Measure theory and fine properties of functions. Chapman and Hall/CRC, 2015.

Luigi Ambrosio, Nicola Fusco, and Diego Pallara. Functions of bounded variation and free discontinuity problems. Vol. 254. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 2000.

Faculty of Mathematics

Prof. Dr. Tim Laux


Prof. Dr. Tim Laux
Faculty of Mathematics
University of Regensburg

+49 228 / 73-62225