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Local information

  • At the University

The lectures of the school will take place in the room M104 of the mathematical department (see the map here: osm.org/go/0JHG141wV= ) which is located a few rooms to the right after you enter the building on the first floor (note that there is an entrance on the ground floor close to an underground parking).

The coffee breaks will take place in the room M103 between the first and the second morning talks.
There are limited options for lunch at the campus: Mensa (open 11-14), various cafeterias (e.g. in the Chemistry building; the food is similar to the food in Mensa), Italian restaurant Unikat.

  • Getting to the University from Altstadt.
It should take about 30-35 minutes by foot from Altstadt to the University (note though that the road goes uphill in the last part of the route).
On a bus it should take about 20 minutes, the routes and the schedule can be found e.g. on Google Maps.
Note that there is an app for smartphones (see here www.rvv.de/the-rvv-app:-your-timetable-and-fare-information-for-ios-and-android ) where you can buy bus tickets after registration there and these tiickets are slightly cheaper than buying them from the driver.
There are also "Streifen-tickets" for 10 rides, and various day tickets (for up to two or up to 5 persons) that could be useful if you plan to travel not alone.
  • Local sightseeing

Regensburg is a historical city with its medeival center being a part of the UNESCO World Heritage. The tours to the Thurns&Taxis castle and the Altes Rathaus are highly recommended to those who are interested in history. 

Close to Regensburg is Walhalla, a spectacular hall of fame of the distinguidhed people of the German history that is located on the picturesque site of the Danube.

If you arrive to Regensburg on 10.09 or 11.09, you can also visit Dult, the local beer festival (very similar to Oktoberfest) that takes place in Dultplatz.


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