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How to get to Regensburg

By train

Connections to Regensburg are available via the Deutsche Bahn website. The right destination is “Regensburg HBF”.

By plane

Usually the easiest way to get to Regensburg by plane is the following: Take your favorite plane to München Flughafen Franz-Josef Strauß (MUC). Then Deutsche Bahn will propose you the following route from “München Flughafen” to “Regensburg HBF”:

Take the bus 635 to “Freising Bahnhof”.
From there you take either the ALX84118 (Alex) or RE4268 to Regensburg HBF depending on when you arrive.


There are also flights to Nuremberg (Nürnberg).
In some rare cases it will be more convenient to take a flight to Vienna or Frankfurt and then take a train to Regensburg.

How to get to the lecture hall

The campus

The conference will take place in lecture hall H51 in the south of the campus. You find it on the University Map between the labels "Pre-clinical Medicine" and "Sports Center"

Local bus system

There are many useful buses typically, but the 6 will suffice for getting to and from the city center and the conference hall (nearest stops are either 'An der Kreuzbreite' or 'Neuprüll'). There should be signs pointing to the lecture hall. One can also walk from the 'Universitat' bus stop, which is better served by the bus system. Check the bus schedules at the public transport organisation's website.

You can pay for a bus ride on entering the bus or purchase a strip of tickets from one of the ticket machines. A strip of tickets costs 9.00 euros and it allows five bus rides.


Nonarchimedean and Tropical Geometry

Students' Conference

July 31 - August 4, 2017      in Regensburg, Germany

Hike of the 2015 conference

Picture by Helene