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Activities of the Faculty of Mathematics connected to computer science and data science


Researchers at the Faculty of Mathematics with projects related to computer science and data science:

  • Prof. Dr. Luise Blank: numerical linear algebra, numerical optimisation, optimal control
  • Prof. Dr. Denis-Charles Cisinski: dependent type theory, homotopy type theory
  • Prof. Dr. Georg Dolzmann: scientific computing (numerical methods for partial differential equations)
  • Prof. Dr. Harald Garcke: scientific computing (efficient solution of PDEs from continuum mechanics), mathematical imaging (noise reduction, edge detection, segmentation, inpainting, cluster analysis), parameter learning via dimension reduction
  • Prof. Dr. Clara Löh: computability of invariants in group theory and topology, proof assistants for the working mathematician

Projects involving methods from computer science and data science:


Participation in computer/data science related study programmes:

Individual courses:

  • Numerical Mathematics (every year)
  • Further courses at the department with connections to computer science/data science in the past three years:
    • Optimisation I/II
    • Machine learning from the mathematical viewpoint
    • Finite element method in continuum mechanics
    • Cryptography (seminars)
    • Cryptocurrencies (seminar)
    • Mathematical logic (seminars)
    • Introduction to graph theory and computability theory (seminars)

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