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The Department of Genetic Epidemiology contributes teaching to the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Regensburg. This includes lectures and practical course work within the curriculum of the Medical School and the Molecular Medicine Bachelor and Master program as well as professional training for doctoral students and scientific staff of the University and University Hospital.

For the Bachelor- and Master program "Molecular Medicine", we provide lectures and practical course work for statistical data analyses (basics of statistics, regression methods). We also provide a module on "Molecular Epidemiology", which includes:

  • introduction into the conduct of epidemiological studies
  • aspects of ethics and data protection
  • standardized operating procedures
  • processing of bioprobes for molecular research questions
  • data entry, data management, and quality control
  • biomarker for prediction, diagnosis, and therapy monitoring
  • statistical aspects to interpret clinical and observational studies
  • basics of Genetic Epidemiology
  • statistical approaches and quality control for the analyses of genetic data
  • genome-wide association studies for dichotomous and quantitative phenotypes
  • strategies of stratified analyses and interaction analyses
  • meta-analyses
  • biological interpretation of genome-wide association studies results
  • handling of high-dimensional data

Prerequesite of this module are the compulsory courses of the program and an interest in working with large and complex data.