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Commission for Teaching

The Faculty of Medicine has set up a permanent "Commission for Teaching" to ensure the consistently high quality of student teaching. The tasks of the Teaching Commission include, for example, the coordination and harmonisation of teaching content, conceptual work on teaching evaluation and the initiation and implementation of new teaching methods. The commission consists of seven elected members as well as the Dean and the Deans of Studies.

Members of the Commission for Teaching

Prof. Dr. Christian Stroszczynski (Dean of Studies Medicine)
Prof. Dr. Dr. Peter Proff (Dean of Studies Dentistry)
Prof. Dr. Sabine Fredersdorf-Hahn
Prof Dr. Christina Hackl
PD Dr. Christina Hart
Prof. Dr. Peter Hau
Prof. Dr. Michael Melter
PD Dr. Eva Paddenberg-Schubert
Prof. Dr. Bernd Salzberger
Prof. Dr. Silke Härteis (Preclinical Medicine)
cand. med. Sophie Boschek (student representative)


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