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Experimental Orthopedics

Principal investigator

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Susanne Grässel

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Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Susanne Grässel
Orthopedic Surgery
Div. Experimental Orthopedics
ZMB / BioPark 1

Am Biopark 9
D-93053 Regensburg

Phone: +49 941 943-5065
Fax: +49 941 943-5066

E-mail: susanne.graessel[at]klinik.uni-regensburg.de
Web: Center for medical Biotechnology



Publication record

Joachim Grifka

Please find research profile and publication record of Prof. Dr. Dr. Grifka on the homepage of the Asklepios-Kliniken.

Susanne Grässel

Publication record of the past 7 years (from 2010)


1.Grässel S., Rickert M., Opolka A., Bosserhoff A.K., Angele P., Grifka J., Anders S.: Coculture between periosteal explants and articular chondrocytes induce expression of TGF-ß1 and collagen I. Rheumatology (Oxford) 49 (2): 218-230, 2010.

2.Ratzinger S., Eble J.A., Pasoldt A., Opolka A., Rogler G., Grifka J., Grässel S.: Collagen XVI induces formation of focal contacts on intestinal myofibroblasts isolated from the normal and inflamed intestinal tract. Matrix Biol. Apr;29 (3):177-93, 2010

3.Jenei-Lanzl Z., Dienstknecht T., Huber M., Kujat R., Angele M., Straub R., Grässel S., Nerlich M., Angele P.: Estradiol inhibits chondrogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells via non-classical signalling. Arthritis & Rheumatism. 2010 Apr;62(4):1088-96.

4.Schubert T., Schlegel J., Schmid R., Opolka A., Grässel S., Bosserhoff A.: Modulation of cartilage differentiation by MIA/CD-RAP. Exp. Mol. Med. Mar 31;42(3):166-74, 2010.

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6.Riepl B., Grässel S., Wiest R., Fleck M., Straub R.H.: Tumor necrosis factor and norepinephrine lower the levels of human neutrophil peptides 1-3 secretion by mixed synovial tissue cultures in osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Arthritis Res Ther. Jun 4;12(3):R110, 2010.

7.Schmid R., Schiffner S., Opolka A., Grässel S., Schubert T., Moser M., Bosserhoff A.K.: Enhanced cartilage regeneration in MIA/CD-RAP deficient mice. Cell Death Dis., 1:e97-107, 2010.

8.Rickert M., Dreier R., Radons J., Opolka A., Grifka J., Anders S., Grässel S.: Interaction of periosteal explants with articular chondrocytes alter expression profile of matrix metalloproteinases. J. Orthop. Res. Dec; 28 (12):1576-85, 2010.

9.Wenke A.K., Niebler S., Grässel S., Bosserhoff A.K.: The transcription factor AP-2ɛ regulates CXCL1 during cartilage development and in osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis Cartilage. Feb;19(2):206-12, 2011.

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12.Rath B., Nam J., Deschner J., Schaumburger J., Tingart M., Grässel S., Grifka J., Agarwal S.: Biomechanical forces exert anabolic effects on osteoblasts by activation of SMAD 1/5/8 through type 1 BMP receptor. Biorheology, Jan 1;48(1):37-48. 2011.

13.Lechler P, Balakrishnan S, Schaumburger J, Grässel S, Baier C, Grifka J, Straub RH, Renkawitz T. The oncofetal gene survivin is re-expressed in osteoarthritis and promotes proliferation and cell survival in chondrocytes in vitro. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 12:150, 2011.

14.Opolka A., Straub R.H., Pasoldt A., Grifka J., Grässel S.: Substance P and norepinephrine modulate chondrocyte proliferation and apoptosis. Arthritis & Rheumatism, 64 (3):729-739, 2012.

15.Winkler S., Grässel S., Baier C., Anders S., Lechler P., Grifka J., Schaumburger J.: The impact of chemical synovectomy with sodium morrhuate on human chondrocytes and cartilage in vitro. Rheumatol Int. May;33(5):1201-6, 2013.

16.Stöckl S., Bauer R., Bosserhoff A., Göttl C., Grifka J., Grässel S.: Sox9 modulates cell survival and adipogenic differentiation of multipotent adult rat mesenchymal stem cells. J. Cell Sci.,Jul 1;126(Pt 13):2890-902, 2013.

17.Stöckl S., Göttl C., Grifka J., Grässel S.: Sox9 modulates proliferation and expression of osteogenic markers of adipose-derived stem cells (ASC). Cell. Physiol. Biochem.; 31(4-5): 703-17, 2013.

18.Pongratz G., Anthofer J.M., Melzer M., Anders S., Grässel S., Straub R.H.: IL-7 receptor α expressing B cells act proinflammatory in collagen-induced arthritis and are inhibited by sympathetic neurotransmitters. Ann Rheum Dis. Jan 1;73(1):306-12, 2014.

19.Bedal K.B., Grässel S., Oefner P.J., Reinders J., Reichert T.E., Bauer R.: Collagen XVI Induces Expression of MMP9 via Modulation of AP-1 Transcription Factors and Facilitates Invasion of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma. PLoS One Jan 23;9(1):e86777, 2014 doi: 10.1371

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