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Welcome to the homepage of the Department of International and Transatlantic Relations

Awarded the "Professorship of the Year 2013" in the field of humanities, social and cultural sciences in a German-wide competition of the magazine UNICUM.

Ip Team - Klein 2

(from left to right): Karin Reindl, Dr. Gerlinde Groitl, Prof. Dr. Reinhard Meier-Walser, alexander schuster M.A., Maira Madala, Dr. Saskia Hieber, Enno schulz, Susanne Prechtl M.A., Carolin Huber, Prof. Dr. Stephan Bierling,

The Professorship of International Politics at the University of Regensburg is the only one in the nation with the dedication "with special regard to Atlantic relations". This is reflected in the research activities of the IP team. The transatlantic relationship, the foreign and security policy of Germany and of the EU as well as of the US are the focus of our academic interest. In addition, we concetrate on all institutions and subject areas that are of particular importance for transatlantic relations: international organizations like NATO and the UN, nuclear proliferation, international terrorism, energy and technology security, but also the domestic dimension of foreign and security policy. 

We analyze all of this against the backdrop of global economic, political, and military power shifts and threats to the liberal rule-based international order from Russia and China.The primary goal is to provide theoretically sound and politically relevant analyses of current problems in German/European-American relations.

  2. Institut für Politikwissenschaft (German)

International and Transatlantic Relations


Karin Reindl

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