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Programme and Flyer

The program can be downloaded here.

(Location: Runtingersaal, Keplerstraße 1 - Regensburg) 

Thursday, 13 February 2020 14.30 p.m.: Welcome by Organizers

Arabella Cortese, Giulia Fioratto, Rubina Raja

Opening Remarks - Dirk Steuernagel (Regensburg)

Session 1


(Location: Runtingersaal, Keplerstraße 1 - Regensburg) 

Moderation: Rubina Raja

15.15 Birte Poulsen (Aarhus)

Ancient Halikarnassos - Disruption or Continuity After the Golden Age

16.00 Coffee Break

16.30 Michael Blömer (UrbNet, Aarhus)

Doliche and the Urban Development of Northern Syria in the Third and Fourth Century CE 

17.15 Emanuele E. Intagliata (UrbNet, Aarhus)

Militarising Cities in Late Antiquity at the Eastern Roman Frontier

18.00 Coffee Break

18.30 Public Lecture - Rubina Raja (UrbNet, Aarhus)

Transforming Urban Spaces: Religious Architecture in the Near East from the Roman Period to the End of Late Antiquity

Session 2


(Location: Salzstadel, Brückstraße 2 - Regensburg)

Moderation: Christian Kunze

  9.00 Guido Furlan (Padova)

Waste Management Effectiveness as a Proxy for Evaluating Cities’ Health  Between Roman Age and Late Antiquity: Sources, Approaches and Problems             

  9.45 Giulia Fioratto (Regensburg)

Beyond the City Walls: Continuity and Changes in Aquileia’s Territory Between  Roman Age and Late Antiquity 

10.30 Coffee Break 

11.00 Christopher Paul Dickenson (UrbNet, Aarhus)

Communal Spaces in Towns Large and Small in Late Antique Britain  

11.45 Markus Löx (Regensburg)

With or Without Emperor: Continuity and Change in Milan’s Urban Landscape  

12.30 Lunch Break

Session 3


(Location: Salzstadel, Brückstraße 2 - Regensburg)

Moderation: Tobias Nicklas

14.00 Ann Marie Yasin (Southern California)

Un-Monumental Histories: Placemaking and Somatic Time in Adapted Buildings

14.45 Jon C. Cubas Diaz (Göttingen) 

Reshaping Funerary Space: the Jewish and Christian Communities of Late Antique Korykos  

15.30 Coffee Break

16.00 Arabella Cortese (München - Regensburg) 

Archaeology and the Cult of the Saints: Making Sacred Landscape in Late Antique Isauria

16.45 Yunus Demirci (Ecole Biblique et Archéologique  Française de Jerusalem)

Asia Minor Synagogues Within Their Late Antique City-Space and Religious Contexts: Case Studies in Light of Archaeological and Literary Sources

17.30 Concluding Perspectives - Nadin Burkhardt (Eichstätt-Ingolstadt) 

18.00 Organized Tour of Regensburg

  1. University

Urban Space between the Roman Age and Late Antiquity.

Continuity, Discontinuity and Changes

International Workshop

13-14 February 2020

University of Regensburg


Arabella Cortese M.A.

Giulia Fioratto M.A.