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Welcome to the Physics Faculty in Regensburg, Germany.

In our faculty, 28 professors and their respective workgroups teach and research. We focus on condensed matter with an emphasis on nanostructures (both theoretical and experimental) as well as high-energy physics with an emphasis on lattice quantum chromodynamics. Our scientific reputation is clear in achievements like one Collaborative Research Area (multi-million Euro grants that fund projects spanning several workgroups) and a Research Unit funded by the German Research Foundatiion.

Over 1000 students take part in the various streams offered by the faculty:

  • Bachelor and Master of Physics, Nanoscience and computational science
  • Teachers of all levels who require a background in Physics, as well as bachelor and masters of scientific education, didactics of science and technology

Additionally, we offer a special program in cooperation with Erlangen that allows students to contine directly from their bachelor or masters to pursue doctoral work and in about seven years after their first semester receive a doctoral degree.

Our colleague, Dr. Karoline Bernhard-Höfer, enthuses the audience with her fabulous stage show on the occasion of the spring meeting of the German Physical Society.


Universitätsstrasse 31
D-93051 Regensburg

Phone. +49 941 943 2023