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Image Processing

Methods in Scientific Image Processing

This seminar will address various methods of pattern recognition to demonstrate how specific patterns can be recognized and extracted from images. Another important topic will be the recognition of various backgrounds from which the patterns have to be extracted. While this sounds (and is) strongly related to (2D) image processing, all methods may certainly also be used for 1D data, such as a stream of data in a variable background noise.

This seminar is listed as an "Ausbildungsseminar", meaning that every participant will have to prepare one topic for a talk within the seminar. We will present a list of topics during our first meeting, but suggestions from your side are perfectly welcome, too.

For the seminar you will earn 4 CPs, but this can be increased to 6 CPs if you provide a written script of your presentation.

Interested persons should send a brief note of interest to stephan.giglberger@ur.de, so we can start planning.

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