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B.A. (Bachelor of Arts)

Prospective B.A. students

We are glad that you are interested in studying English at the University of Regensburg!

At the Department of English and American Studies, we offer three B.A. programs:

  • B.A. English Linguistics (Englische Sprachwissenschaft)
  • B.A. British Studies (Anglistik)
  • B.A. American Studies (Amerikanistik)

You can choose one of these three subjects as either your B.A. major (1. Hauptfach), your second major (2. Hauptfach), or your minor (Nebenfach). Please note that the subjects listed above cannot be combined, i.e. you cannot choose more than one of them.

For more information on the content and structure of each program, as well as the individual combination options within each program, please go to B.A. (Bachelor of Arts).

Please note:

Due to the very high number of students in the B.A. and teacher training programs at the Department of English and American Studies, students may not be able to complete their studies within the standard period of study (Regelstudienzeit). Waiting times for the admission to many classes are to be expected. A very good knowledge of English (see below) is essential to actively and successfully participate in all courses in the required manner.

English language skills

Classes at the Department of English and American Studies are taught almost exclusively in English. To complete their studies successfully, prospective students should be able to demonstrate sufficient English language skills and furthermore possess adequate knowledge of the languages, literatures, and cultures of the United Kingdom and North America.

Language proficiency should be at level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) with respect to all language competencies, and at level C1 CEFR with respect to receptive language competencies. In Bavarian high school leaving certificates (Abiturzeugnis), the language level according to CEFR is usually indicated. How many years of language training at school approximately correspond to which CEFR level can be seen in this table:


Years of language training


Zeugnis der allg. Hochschulreife/fachgebundenen Hochschulreife/  Fachhochschulreife in the 1st or 2nd foreign language; Requirements met in full


Zeugnis der allg. Hochschulreife/ fachgebundenen Hochschulreife/  Fachhochschulreife with at least mark 4 in der 1st or 2nd foreign language; Minimum requirements met


At least 5 subsequent years of mandatory education in the 1st foreign language OR
at least 4 subsequent years of mandatory education in the 2nd foreign language OR
at least 3 subsequent years of mandatory education in the 3rd foreign language


At least 3 subsequent years of mandatory education in 1st or 2nd foreign language OR
At least 2 subsequent years of mandatory education in 3rd foreign language


At least 1 year (as an elective)


Prospective students may take the following self-test to assess their skills and knowledge:

Test + Key

Additional self-tests can be found here:





These tests are for self-assessment. They are not a mandatory requirement for the enrollment at the university. We recommend prospective students brush up their skills acquired at school, e.g. through English-language newspapers, novels, films, series, podcasts etc.


For all questions regarding the organization of studies, please contact the student advisors.

Further information

  • Information meetings for prospective students: The Central Department for Course Counseling offers information meetings for prospective students  ("Roadmap ins Studium"). The exact dates can be found here.
  • Further information about possible combinations of majors and minors within the B.A. program. 
  • About the enrollment (matriculation: see Registrar’s Office).

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