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Special Lectures

june 12, 2024, Benoît Tadié (university paris nanterre)

"Claude McKay, Early Jazz and Literary Form"

june 5, 2024, Prof. devin fore (princeton university)

"Apparatuses of Fate: Erwin Picastor's Russian Aufstand der Fischer"

june 5, 2024, Dr. Christoph schaub (university of vechta)

"Internationalism, Gender, and Resistance in Seghers/Picastor's Aufstand der Fischer"

May 17, 2024, olivia biber (University of bern)

"Coming to Terms with Failure: Gender Relations and the Economy in the Victorian Novel"

may 17, 2024, Laura otis (Emory college)

"Merging Scientific and Literary Craft Knowledge: The Case of Multimodal Imagery"

may 17, 2024, peter boxall (university of oxford)

"Phantom Limb"

january 25, 2024, Alex murray (Queens University, belfast)

"Monstrous Martyrdoms: Reading fin-de-siècle Queer Literature in the Age of Presentism"

december 13, 2023, jonathan flatley (wayne state university)

"'Our Friend' Angela Davis, the Black Communist Star"

november 29, 2023, daniel Brueckenhaus (beloit college)

"Laughing about Imperialism: Anti-Colonial Humor in the Works of Ghandi and George Orwell"

november 7, 2023, Ute berns (university of Hamburg)

"Romantic Nature in the Industrial Revolution"

june 7, 2023, Leo Mellor (university of cambridge)

"Enjungled and engulfed! Dreaming metropolitan disaster through the malevolence of plants in Richard Jefferies' 'After London'"

May 12, 2023, Prof. margaret harper (university of limerick)

"'And I myself created Hanrahan': Dissensual Irishness in late Yeats"

May 12, 2023, Dr. merrick burrow (university of huddersfield)

"Oscar Wilde, Crime Fiction and the Occult"

May 12, 2023, prof. dr. Johannes voelz (goethe-university frankfurt)

"Airwave Populism: US Talk Radio and the Media Aesthetics of the Right"

may 11, 2023, prof. matthew stratton (UC davis)

"Very Normal Insurrections: Carl Schmitt, Hannah Arendt, and the Judgement of Literary Authoritarianism"

january 25, 2023, prof. kirsti bohata (swansea university)

Charlotte Williams, “Sugar and Slate"

january 11, 2023, Prof. Tony Brown (Bangor university)

“R.S. Thomas's Poetry"

december 14, 2022, prof. Daniel Williams (swansea university)

Raymond Williams, “Border Country"

December 13, 2022, Dr Fraser Riddell (university of Durham)

“Vernon Lee, Music, and Psychological Aesthetics"

november 30, 2022, Dr. Eurig Salisbury (Aberystwyth university)

“Hedd Wyn's Poetry"

november 9, 2022, Prof. Jerry hunter (Bangor university)

“Kate Roberts's Short stories"

October 26, 2022, prof. kirsti bohata (swansea university)

Amy Dillwyn, "The Rebecca Rioter"

July 12, 2022, prof. mariana Sargsyan (yerewan state university)

“Culture Codes in Children's Literature: Voices from Scotland and Armenia"

JUNE 28, 2022, prof. lucia krämer (university of passau)

“Filming Back: Bollywood Imag(in)ings of Contemporary Britain and Colonial India"

JUNE 28, 2022, Dr. Kadija George 

“Decolonising Publishing through Independent Black Publishers"

JUNE 24, 2022, Jonathan Rose (university of passau)

“Connections, Attachments, Entanglements: Transgender Representation in Fanfiction and its Cultural Contexts"

JUNE 24, 2022, prof. lucia krämer (university of passau)

“An Introduction to Adaptation Studies - Towards a Book Proposal"

JUNE 24, 2022, Dr. anna Vaninskaya (university of edinburgh)

“Giving (Up) Hope? George Orwell and Victor Serge"

JUNE 14, 2022, dr. MATTHEW INGLEBY (QUEEN MARY university, london)

“Victorian Rent Cultures"

January 25, 2022, prof. dr. david alvarez (depauw university)

“Religious Toleration and Imperialism during the Restoration: The Case of John Dryden"

january 17, 2022, prof. dr. NATHAN WADDELL (university of BIRMINGHAM)

“Lucifer Liberty and Light: George Orwell and John Milton"

november 23, 2021, prof. dr. Tue andersen Nexö (university of copenhagen)

“Poetry out of bounds. Pamphlet culture and poetry in the anarchy of the civil war public sphere"

December 14, 2020, prof. susana onega (university of zaragoza)

“Reading Jeanette Winterson and Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit”

November 23, 2020, dr. trudi tate (clare hall, university of cambridge)

 "To the Lighthouse: The Mother in the Garden"

may 20, 2020, professor martin johnes (swansea university)

"Wales: Its History and Identity"

JANUARY 20, 2020, Dr. rosemary white (northumbria university, newcastle)

"June Whitfield and how British sitcom endorsed and undermined cultural norms of feminity and domesticity from the 1960s to the early 21st Century"

december 17, 2019, Sophie Gilmartin (Royal Holloway, University of London)

"Storms and Teacups: Thomas Hardy's Quiet Catastrophes"

november 26, 2019, Ingo Berensmeyer (LMU Munich)

“Metadrama and Metatheatre in Hamlet”

july 3, 2019, crystal lake (Wright state university)

“Getting Sucked into Books: A Literary History of Immersion”

July 2, 2019, holly furneaux (cardiff university)

“Strange Meetings: Truces and Exchanges with the Enemy in the Long Nineteenth Century”

june 12, 2019, christina lupton (university of warwick)

"Reading for Happiness"

May 23, 2019, Kirsti Bohata (Swansea University)

“Literary Atlas: exploring digital literary geographies”

may 14, 2019, lucia krämer (Universität passau)

“Shakespearean Passages to and from India: Vishal Bhardwaj's Haider (2014) and Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Ram-Leela (2013)”

January 8, 2019, Daniel williams (swansea university)

"Post-Industrial Melancholia: the Brexit vote in Wales" & "Imaging the Internal Colony – vision and narrative in Raymond Williams’s Border Country"

December 11, 2018, Carole Jones (University of edinburgh)

„James Kelman: Working-Class Selves and Radical Narrative in The Busconductor Hines (1984)"

November 28, 2018, Miriam Nandi (Universität Freiburg)

„Reading the Early Modern Diary"

june 26, 2018, Joanna Rostek (University of Giessen)

„The Split Self in Anne Brontë’s Agnes Grey“

june 12, 2018, María Pilar Royo Grasa (University of Zaragoza)

„The Representation of Trauma in Gail Jones's Black Mirror (2002), Sixty Lights (2004) and Sorry (2007)“

june 5, 2018, kirstie blair (University of Strathclyde)

„Nineteenth-Century Working-Class Writers and the Popular Press“

november 30, 2017, Katie Gramich (cardiff University)

(Br)exits and Entrances: Britishness and the Four Nations post-1945

november 29, 2017, Katie Gramich (cardiff University)

Angela Carter and Second Wave Feminism workshop

november 28, 2017, Katie Gramich (cardiff University)

Wales post-Brexit workshop

july 4, 2017, sally shuttleworth (University of oxford)

Fears and Phobias in late 19th-Century Culture

May 23, 2017, Josephine mcdonagh (king's College london)

“Another great migration”: Travel, Emigration and Imperialism in George Eliot’s Late Works

october 25, 2016, Merrick Burrow (University huddersfield)

"Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Cottingley Fairies: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Networks of Fiction, Science and Religion"

June 27, 2016, Mark Schmitt (TU Dortmund)

"The whites have become black" - Responses to the English Riots of 2011, Critical Whiteness Studies and the Trouble with 'New Ethnicities'


The Symbolic Impact of Women’s Representation on Citizen’s Political Attitudes: Measuring the Effect through Survey Experiments


Poetry Reading and Film Screening


Contemporary British Poetry and the Environment: The Quality of Attention

December 16, 2015, Stephen Wagg (Leeds Beckett University)

Comedy and Mass Media in Post-War Britain

December 15, 2015, Amelia Bonea (University of Oxford)

Office Work and Occupational Health: The Case of Postal and Telegraph Clerks in Victorian Britain

December 1, 2015, Adelene Buckland (King's College London)

Sticks, Skins, Beards and Bulbs: Artificial Mothers and the Matter of Fiction

July 17, 2015, Emily Huggins (Ueberreuter Verlag, Berlin)

YA Literature: Jugendliteratur, Literaturvermittlung und transnationale Buchmärkte

July 14, 2015, John Storey (University of Sunderland)

Culture in British Cultural Studies

July 7, 2015, Jane grogan (university college dublin)

Spenser's Ireland, Ireland's Spenser: Contemporary Irish Poetry and the Elizabethan Legacy

July 2, 2015, Monica Germana (University of Westminster, London)

Other Stories: Strangers and Intrusions in Ali Smith's Fiction

June 30, 2015, Hassan Melehy (university of north carolina at chapel hill)

Early Modern Literature and Political Thought: Shakespeare, Lipsius, Montaigne

june 23, 2015, jessica malay (university of huddersfield)

Anne Clifford's Great Books: A Transformative Narrative of Identity and Place

June 16, 2015, Harkirat Singh (Sikh Education Officer for the Midlands, UK)

An Introduction to Sikhism and its Place in the UK today

June 9, 2015, Gordon McMullan (King's College London) 

The 1916 Shakespeare Tercentenary Celebrations

June 2, 2015, Dorothea Heitsch (university of north carolina at chapel hill)

Debate Strategies in Early Modern Dialogue


Renaissance Literary Careers

December 9, 2014 leo mellor (university of cambridge)

Dylan Thomas as a WWII War Poet: Flowers, Bodies, Terrors

DEcember 2, Rod Mengham (university of cambridge)

Writing Conflict 1934-37

December 1, 2014 catherine Gimelli Martin (university of memphis)

The Lion Dies for the Lamb: Revisiting Edmund Spenser, C.S. Lewis, and Disney's Lion King

June 12, 2014 prof. dr. daniel williams (Swansea University)

Problems of Identity: Language, Race and Nationhood in the Literatures of Wales

May 22, 2014 Katie Gramich (university of cardiff)

Motherland?: Gendered Constructions of Wales in art and poetry

May 20, 2014 catherine gimelli martin (university of memphis)

Early Modern 'Science Fiction' (Francis Godwin, Johannes Kepler, Francis Bacon)

May 20, 2014 Anna-Maria Hartmann (university of Oxford)

Francis Bacon's 'New Atlantis'  and the Vicissitudes of Intertextuality

December 12, 2013 jane goldman, university of glasgow

Woolf's Signifying Dog and the Missing Lynx: Animalous Readings in Poe, Woolf, Lacan and Derrida

june 25, 2013 philipp erchinger, universität erlangen

Places of Meaning, Ways of Knowing: Sense-Making in the Sensation Novel

june 18, 2013 neil reeve, swansea university:

Grandmothers' Dreams: Heredity and Replication in D. H. Lawrence and Henry James"

June 4, 2013 joanna ROSTEK, UNIversität Passau

Looking for 'Eve Smith': Female Responses to Political Economy, c. 1790 - 1840

July 3, 2012 andrea bäßler, (UKR)

Diseases from the Belly to the Heart: Sex an Gender Matter!

July 2, 2012 michael mack, university of durham

Ageing and Mortality in Dickens and Wilde

JUNE 12, 2012 felix sprang, universität hamburg

Disastrous Birth-Nights: Childbed and Child-Birth in the Nineteenth-Century Novel: Reflections on Gender and Medicalization

May 31, 2012 Katie Gramich, cardiff university, wales

The Dragon's Two Tongues: Literature and Language Politics in Contemporary Wales

May 8, 2012 Clark Lawlor, University of northumbria

Fashionable Disease and Gender in the Long Eighteenth Century

January 19, 2012 maurice fitzpatrick, trinitiy college, Dublin/Jülich technical college

The Boys of St. Columb's

DECEMber 21, 2011 harold Kaylor, troy university

A  Boethian Paradigm in Geoffrey Chaucer's "Troilus and Criseyde": Some formal and verbal evidence

November 26, 2011 Helen Small, pembroke college, university of oxford

Was there a Victorian "Double Standard" of Ageing?

November 26, 2011 teresa mangum, university of iowa

The Unnatural Youth of the Old "New Woman

November 26, 2011 karen chase, university of virginia

Senile Sexuality

November 26, 2011 kay heath, georgia gwinnet college

The New Old Man and the Neutral Man-Woman: Gender and Ageing in Victorian Fiction

november 26, 2011 gordon Mcmullan, king's college london

The Invention of the "Ageing" Shakespeare in the Nineteenth Century: Late Style and German Critics

November 26, 2011 Brian worsfold, university of Lleida

The True Morality of Fiction: Ageing Truths in Some Writings by Edward Bulwer-Lytton

November 25, 2011 Norbert Lennartz Universität vechta

Worst Agers: Children as Old People in Victorian Fiction

November 25, 2011 rebecca probert, warwick university

Freedom of Testation in Victorian England

November 25, 2011 Greta olson, Universität giessen

The fin-de-siècle's Literary and Scientific Discovery of Ageing

November 25, 2011 david amigoni, keele university

Re-assessing the "Old" in the Lives and Afterlives of Arnold Bennett's 'The Old Wives' Tale'

November 25, 2011 Lynn Botelho, INDIANA UNIversity of pennsylvania

A Respectful Challenge to the Nineteenth-Century's View of Itself: An Argument for the Early Modern Medicalization of Old Age

July 12, 2011 Isabel Karremann, LMU München

The Political Uses of Forgetting: Nationalist Nostalgia on the Jacobean Stage

June 7, 2011 Anna Farkas, University of Oxford

Why has the New Woman never a word to say for herself on the stage? Feminism and the English Theatre in the 1890s

May 23, 2011 Susan Sellers, St Andrew's University

Virginia Woolf and Vanessa Bell: From Research to Novel, Play Script to Stage Performance

Förderung [mit Peter Waller]: Vielberth-Stiftung, Regensburg

May 18, 2010 Beth Palmer, University of Leeds

Sensational Strategies: Women's Authorship, Editorship and Performance in the Victorian Press;

Förderung [mit Katharina Boehm]: Vielberth-Stiftung, Regensburg

February 1, 2010 Brigitte Glaser, Universität Göttingen

'Double Colonization' and Female Authorship

January 11, 2010 Virginia Richter, Universität Bern

Gendered Authorship in the Henry James Circle

December 15, 2009 Katharina Boehm, Universität Regensburg / King's College London

Little Savages, Dwarfs and Bottled Babies: Childhood, Popular Science and Literature in the Victorian Period

December 14, 2009 Ingo Berensmeyer, Universität Giessen

'An insane desire to see the author': Herman Melville, Henry James and the Gendered Spaces of Nineteenth-Century Authorship

November 30, 2009 Helga Schwalm, HU Berlin

The Lake Poets: Romantic Subjectivities, Topography, and Authorship

November 23, 2009 Christoph Heyl, Universität Frankfurt

Dame Nature’s Imagination: Creation, Creativity and Gender in Early Modern Cabinets of Curiosities

November 18, 2009 Harry White, University College Dublin

Music and the Irish Literary Imagination

November 16, 2009 Katharina Rennhak, Universität Wuppertal

'Amaz'd we read of Nature's early Throes': Gender and (the) Creation in Eighteenth-Century Poetry

November 9, 2009 Rainer Emig, Universität Hannover

Enlightenment Struggles over Gender and Creation: The Debates on Spleen

November 2, 2009 Annette Kern-Stähler, Universität Duisburg-Essen

Gender, Creation and Authorship in the Late Middle Ages

October 26, 2009 Danielle Clarke, University College Dublin

Philomela, Gender, and Poetic Myths of Origin

July 14, 2009 Charlotte Sleigh, University of Kent at Canterbury

And ye shall know the truth, Or, The Gospel according to Darwin

June 23, 2009 Stefan Willer, Zentrum für Literatur- & Kulturforschung, Berlin

Imitation of Similar Beings: Social Mimesis as an Argument in Evolutionary Theory around 1900

January 14, 2009 Brian Gibbons, University of Muenster / York

Against Genres: Shakespeare's Mingled Drama

Förderung: Vielberth-Stiftung, Regensburg

June 25, 2008 Laura Otis, Emory University

Manufacturing Monsters: The Experiments of Professor Higgins and Dr. Moreau

Förderung [mit Rainer Emig]: Studieneinheit Gender Studies

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