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Counseling Service for Mental Health

The Counseling Service for Mental Health is part of the Central Department for Course Counseling. Here, students suffering a crisis in different areas of life can receive psychological and psychotherapeutical advice, for instance in the following cases:

  • problems with work, exam anxiety, performance issues
  • motivation issues, doubts regarding your choice of subject, life planning issues
  • problems with the partner, conflicts with parents, isolation
  • psychosomatic complaints, depressive mood and thoughts of suicide

The talks are absolutely confidential!

Please do not hesitate to contact us - Contact Details


Advisory Service

You've got a question?
Phone us: 0941 943-5544
Mon & Wed 10-1 am,
Tue & Thu 1-3 pm


ZSB Location

Secretary's Office

Please contact us via:
Phone +49 941 943-2219
or E-Mail