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We teach in various Bachelor and Master courses. Details can be obtained from the Faculty's course menu. Our lectures are quantitatively orientated and deal with basic and advanced topics from Statistics and Risk Management. In some courses we work with empirical methods.

On the basic level we offer in for Bachelor in business administration, economics, international economics, and management information systems:

·   Statistics 1 for business, economics and management information systems  (winter term)

·   Statistics 2 for business, economics and management information systems (summer term)

In Human Sciences we offer:

·   Statistics I for Human Sciences (winter term)

·   Statistics II for Human Sciences (summer term)

On the second stage of the Bachelor we offer:

·   Statistics 3 (winter term)

·   Applied Data Science (summer term)

In the Master we offer

·   Derivative Securities (winter term)

·   Credit Risk Management (summer term)

·   Data Science & Machine Learning (winter term)

In addition we usually offer at least once a year Master Seminar and supervise Bachelor and Master theses.

Please note: All exams are at the end of the semester where the lecture is given. A re-examination will be in the following semester. A first try for this re-examination is only available for Statistics 1 and Statistics 2 for business, economics and management information systems. Exept for Statistics 1/I and Statistics 2/II there will be no refresher courses.

  1. Faculty of Business, Economics and Management Information Systems
  2. Department of Business Administration

Chair of Statistics and Risk Management

Prof. Dr. Daniel Rösch

Room RW(S) 214

Phone +49 941 943-2588
Fax +49 941 943-4936