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International and Intercultural Human Resource Management

Examination Summer Semester 2020

Dear students,

we updated our examination policy for the IHRM class in accordance with the University of Regensburg’s special exam regulation framework for this summer semester 2020.

Due to the prevailing health crisis, regular examinations might pose a threat to students and examiners. So, it is uncertain whether such exams would be feasible.

Since the syllabi of both lecture and tutorial have been updated at the beginning of this semester, we have the opportunity to deviate from the regular examination format and change it to an essay-based format.

As the tutorial already obliges you to write three essays as a group project, those essays will be graded, and their average will now count as your final grade for the whole IHRM class without any additional examination.

By this regulation, we hope to meet both the university’s as well as your requirements and expectations.

For any further questions regarding the examination, please do not hesitate to contact your tutors, Andreas Hilger or Christian Scharff.

Best regards,

Thomas Steger / Andreas M. Hilger / Christian Scharff



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