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Bank Informatics (IT Finance)

Real Estate 13

Master of Science (MSc) in Business Informatics

Teaching Objectives

Crucial value-added processes in financial service companies are performed largely automatically by high-capacity information and communication systems and therefore present an interesting field of application for Business Informatics. The resulting potentials of optimization highlight the importance of Business Informatics for financial service companies. It is thus the aim, on the one hand, to make the students aware of the interactions of IT strategy and business strategy at financial service companies and, on the other hand, to deal in detail with the current topics of the management and operation of information systems in financial service companies. The courses equip the students with the necessary skills and knowledge to enable them to take over executive functions at financial service companies.


  • Business Intelligence in Multichannel Retailing
  • Banking in e-Businesss
  • Bank Architectures
  • IT Finance – Selected Topics


On the one hand, the research activities are tied to the faculty’s Center of Finance. On the other hand, a permanent joint research partnership with the affiliated ibi research institute at the University of Regensburg in the centers of excellence Retail Banking, Payment Systems, Business Process and Architecture Management as well as IT Security has been established.

1 Prof. Dr. Dieter Bartmann
2 Prof. Dr. Susanne Leist
3 Prof. Dr. Hans-Gert Penzel

  1. University of Regensburg Homepage

Center of Finance

A joint initiative of the institutes of the Economics Faculty of the University of Regensburg.




Prof. Dr. Gregor Dorfleitner

Prof. Dr. Steffen Sebastian