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Mcs Uni -21

In the field of real estate economics, the most important topics for the understanding of real estate markets are dealt with. These include the influence of economic principles on supply and demand, the functioning of real estate markets and the relationship between land use, land value and location. Furthermore, students of this specialization should recognize the connection between real estate markets and other markets. It also deals with state interventions in the real estate markets, the reasons, their forms and the assessment of the corresponding policy measures. The research topics of the chair at a glance:

  • Real estate demand and investment under uncertainty
  • Business cycles and their dynamics in the real estate sector
  • Demography and demand in the real estate markets

  • Asymmetrical information and real estate cycles

  • Dynamic Equilibria of Housing Search and Unemployment
  • Demography, work and urban growth




Faculty of Business, Economics, Management Information Systems

Mcs Uni -14