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Welcome to the Chair of Real Estate Economics

Mcs Uni -13

Research topics

  • Housing demand and investment under uncertainty
  • Dynamic Equilibria of Housing Search and Unemployment
  • Asymmetric information and economic cycles
  • Business cycles and their dynamics in the real estate sector
  • Optimal investment in the real estate sector with heterogeneous companies (and investment restrictions)


The main objective of the program is to provide a wide range of courses for those who are in any way interested in the decision-making processes in real estate markets and who are keen to deal intensively with this topic. For further information please refer to the homepage of the IRE | BS Institute for Real Estate Management.

 Current issues


Courses in ST 2021

All courses in the summer term 2021 will take place in a digital version (Zoom and Screencast). Please take a look at the course description in the course catalog for more details.


Literaturseminar MA in ST 2021

We're planning to have our one week seminar in Sardinia on these dates: June 26 - July 3, 2021.

Everything at the moment is preliminary, depending on Covid19 situation in the summer. The house in Sardinia is reserved for now.


If you are interested EVEN IF you're NOT sure about the seminar, please send me an email (gabriel.lee@ur.de) so that we have a rough idea as to how many people we should plan for our seminar.

We'll announce our master seminar OFFICIALLY when the master program starts in NOVEMBER, and most likely the deadline will be in DECEMBER.

Gabe Lee


Faculty of Business, Economics, Management Information Systems

Mcs Uni -14