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Welcome to the Chair of Real Estate Economics

Mcs Uni -13

Research Topics

  • Housing demand and investment under uncertainty
  • Dynamic equilibria of housing search and unemployment
  • Asymmetric information and economic cycles
  • Business cycles and their dynamics in the real estate sector
  • Optimal investment in the real estate sector with heterogeneous companies (and investment restrictions)


The main objective of the program is to provide a wide range of courses for those who are in any way interested in the decision-making processes in real estate markets and who are keen to deal intensively with this topic. For further information please refer to the homepage of the IRE | BS Institute for Real Estate Management.

 Current Issues

We're currently planning a Joint Post-Graduate Workshop between Regensburg and the University of Economics, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in the last week of March 2023.

If you're in Immo or VWL, then you can take the seminar again as one of your VWL Wahlfach IF you have already taken a seminar. And if you take the seminar again, then you would need to have your own empirical parts to the topic that you're writing.

For the first timers, if you are in BWL, you can take this seminar as your VWL Wahlfach as well.

For all BWL, IMMO, or VWL, you would need to take or plan to take either Dynamic Macro in WS or/and Immoöko II -Finanz in SS23.

Our literature seminar covers topics in Macro - and Housing economics.

More info on our previous seminar can be found at


If you were to be in this seminar, we would cover

1. Flight: max. of €800 (must be a return from Germany to Saigon).

2. 4 nights of accommodation (double) with € max. 50 per night.

How you travel before or after the seminar (two days, March 30-31, 2023) is up to you.

Please send an email to Vanessa.Kunzmann@ur.de

by December 21, 2022 or ASAP if you're interested in taking our Master Literature Seminar.

Although the seminar will take place from March 30-31, 2023,


Faculty of Business, Economics, Management Information Systems

Mcs Uni -14