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Honors Bachelor Program

The Honors Bachelor Program offers students the opportunity to already be part of the program during their Bachelor, following the completion of the first phase of their studies.

The Honors Module builds on Bachelor Phase 1 (three semesters or 90 ECTS) in the fields of Business, Economics, International Economics (Focus on Middle and Eastern Europe), and Management Information Systems. It is geared at Bachelor students at the University of Regensburg who have attained a minimum grade average of 2.3 for Phase 1, and also for external students with comparable qualifications.


The Honors Bachelor Program is made up of three parts:

Regular Elements of Study Honors-Module Additional
  • Module and Seminar Block
  • Bachelor Thesis
  • Honors Seminar
  • Honors Project
  • Mandatory Internship
  • Excursions, workshops and lectures
  • Courses in soft skills and method training
  • Mentoring by professors and industry partners
  • Study abroad

Components of the Honors-Module:

Honors Seminar (8 credit points):

The Honors Seminar examines a current research topic using advanced scientific methods, going beyond the standard of a regular theoretical seminar.

Honors Project (6 credit points):

The Honors Project can take the form of either a literature review or participation in a research project. It is supervised by a professor from the Faculty of Business, Economics, International Economics, and Information Systems.

Mandatory Internship:

The Honors internship has to last at least six weeks and may be split over two vacations.

Participation in excursions, workshops and lectures:

Workshops teaching rhetorical and communicational skills as well as how to manage teams and conflicts effectively are offered regularly to develop and expand the social competences of Honors Students. Intercultural training and intensive language courses also make up part of the program.


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