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Honors Master Program

The Honors Master Program builds on the bachelor’s degree (six semesters) in the fields of Business, Economics, and Information Systems. It is designed for graduates of the bachelor’s program in Regensburg as well as students from other universities with comparable qualifications who have achieved a minimum grade average of 2.0 in their bachelor’s degree. Participation in the Honors Bachelor Program is neither a necessary nor a sufficient condition for admission.


The Honors Master Program is made up of three blocks:

Regular Elements of Study Honors Module Additional
  • Module and Seminar Block
  • Master’s thesis
  • Honors Courses
  • Honors Seminar
  • Honors Academy
  • Excursions, workshops and lectures
  • Courses in Soft Skills and Methods
  • Study Abroad
  • Mentoring by professors and industry partners
  • Cooperation with other elite graduate programs

Components of the Honors Module in detail:

Honors Course (6 credit points)

In addition to the other modules, “Honors” students must complete one course selected from a fixed list of courses offered by the Faculty of Business, Economics, and Information Systems.

Honors Seminar (8 credit ooints)

The Honors Seminar examines a current research topic using advanced scholarly methods that go beyond the standard of a regular theoretical seminar.

Honors Academy (4 credit points)

The Honors Academy takes place over several days during the semester break. Students actively work on various problems in specific areas of practice and/or research topics. The Academy is usually run in collaboration with other universities and partners.

Participation in excursions, workshops and lectures (2 credit points)

Workshops on rhetoric, communication, teamwork and conflict management are offered regularly to develop and enhance the social skills of Honors students. Intercultural training and intensive language courses are also part of the program.

Courses in Soft Skills and Method Training (4 credit points)

A variety of soft skills and methodological training courses are offered as part of the the semester program of the Honors program.

Study Abroad

Students enrolled in the Honors Master’s Program are required to spend at least one semester studying at a non-German-speaking University abroad.


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