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Retail Real Estate

Welcome to this research page. Ongoing research is into the relevance of Jane Jacobs' "eyes on the street" for both retail vibrancy and city life.  

Recent Working Papers

Journal Articles 

  • Daminger, A. und K. Dascher (2022) Homeowner Subsidy Repeal and Housing Recentralization, accepted in: Land Economics.
  • Dascher, K. (2019) Function Follows Form, in: Journal of Housing Economics 44: 131-140. 
  • Dascher, K. (2015) Foreign Direct Investment into Open and Closed Cities, in: Scottish Journal of Political Economy 62.2: 191-210.
  • Dascher, K. (2014) Federal Coordination of Local Housing Demolition in the Presence of Filtering and Migration, in: International Tax and Public Finance 21.3: 375-396.
  • Dascher, K. and A. Haupt (2011) The Political Economy of Regional Integration Projects at Borders Where Rich and Poor Meet, in: Journal of Urban Economics 69.1: 148-164.
  • Dascher, K. (2004) County Capital Cities, County Public Finance, and County Economic Geography, in: Economics of Governance 5: 213-33.
  • Dascher, K. (2003) Spatial Variation in Incentives to Work and Hysteresis in Welfare, in: Finanzarchiv 59.4: 529-550.
  • Dascher, K. (2002) Why Larger Cities Have Higher Welfare Recipient Numbers, in: Review of Regional Research 23: 39-54.
  • Dascher, K. (2002) Capital Cities: When Do They Stop Growing?, in: Papers in Regional Science 81.1: 49-62. 
  • Dascher, K. (2001) Land Prices, Urban Sprawl and Affordable Housing: Dublin and the Open City, in: Economic and Social Review 32.1: 69-79.
  • Dascher, K. (2000) Are Politics and Geography Related? Evidence from a Cross-Section of Capital Cities, in: Public Choice 105.3/4: 373-92.


  • Dascher, K. (2013) Volkswirtschaftslehre. Eine Einführung in Bausteinen, (Economics. An Introduction in Building Blocks) Munich: Oldenbourg. (2nd edition)
  • Dascher, K. (1998) Warum sind Hauptstädte so groß? (Why Are Capital Cities so Large?) Berlin: Duncker/Humblot.

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