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Retail Real Estate

Welcome to this research page. Ongoing research is into the relevance of Jane Jacobs' "eyes on the street" for both retail vibrancy and city life.  

Working Papers

  • Dascher, K. und A. Haupt (2023) The 'Daylit City': Bright Houses on Blind Streets, mimeo.
  • Dascher, K. (2021) Urban Policy Preference Revelation: A Primal Dual Approach.

Journal Articles 


  • Dascher, K. (2013) Volkswirtschaftslehre. Eine Einführung in Bausteinen, (Economics. An Introduction in Building Blocks) Munich: Oldenbourg. (2nd edition)
  • Dascher, K. (1998) Warum sind Hauptstädte so groß? (Why Are Capital Cities so Large?) Berlin: Duncker/Humblot.

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Kristof Dascher

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