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Introduction to Data Analysis with STATA

General Information

  • Summer Term
  • Teaching/ Working Language: English


The course provides students with the basic skills in using the STATA software, such as installation, using the interface, loading and managing data sets, programming the do-files, calculating descriptive statistics, estimating simple and multiple regression models, creating graphs, and programming loops.

  • Installation and user interface
  • Entering data
  • Preparing data for analysis
  • Working with commands, do-files, and results
  • Descriptive statistics and graphs
  • Tests for one or two means
  • Regression analysis: Linear regression
  • Regression analysis: Logistic regression


• Alan Acock, A Gentle Introduction to Stata, 6th ed., Stata Press, 2018.

• Ulrich Kohler and Frauke Kreuter, Datenanalyse mit Stata: Allgemeine Konzepte der Datennanalyse und ihre praktische Anwendung, 5th ed., Oldenbourg: De Gruyter, 2016.

• Christopher Baum, An Introduction to Stata Programming, 2nd ed., Stata Press, 2015.

• Michael N. Mitchell, A Visual Guide to Stata Graphics, 3rd ed., Stata Press, 2012.

• A. Colin Cameron and Pravin K. Trivedi, Microeconometrics Using Stata, Revised ed., Stata Press, 2010.


At the end of the course, the students should know how to

• import, manipulate, and export data sets

• summarize data sets using descriptive statistics

• program .do files

• run simple and multiple regressions and interpret regression output

• produce and export graphs

• produce and export tables

• program loops


There will be a final exam lasting 60 minutes. The final exam will ask you to work with a given data set and produce a .do file that performs the required operations.

Grading is as follows:

1,0: 95 to 100

1,3: 90 to 94

1,7: 85 to 89

2,0: 80 to 84

2,3: 75 to 79

2,7: 70 to 74

3,0: 65 to 69

3,3: 60 to 64

3,7: 55 to 59

4,0: 50 to 54

4,3: 45 to 49

4,7: 40 to 44

5,0: less than 40


Basic knowledge of statistics and econometrics is helpful but not required.


Chair of Empirical Economics


Dr. Aleksandr Alekseev

Alex Alekseev

E-Mail: aleksandr.alekseev@ur.de

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