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Useful Information for Exchange Students

Courses taught in English 

Winter Term

The Science of Well-Being (Bachelor)

Topics in Behavioural Labor Economics

Sommer Term

Social Entrepreneurship (Bachelor)

Impact Evaluation Methods (Master)

Introduction to Data Analysis with STATA

Organizational Basics

  • Selection and information about the courses offered in the respective semester: via EXA
  • Course registration: at this chair via GRIPS (at other chairs partly also via EXA; for the respective registration mode please refer to the information on EXA or the homepage)
  • Access to teaching material: via GRIPS


Since exchange students may not yet have a university account, which is necessary for logging into the internetplatform GRIPS, we would ask you in this case to send us a short pre-registration by e-mail. However, since the course is coordinated via GRIPS, an additional enrolment in the GRIPS course must be made once the exchange students have received their university account. This is normally the case shortly before the start of the semester.

Corona Status

The courses will be offered digitally for the moment. However, the lecturer reserves the opportunity - depending on the development of the current situation - to switch to face-to-face teaching during the semester.

What is "EXA"?

What is "EXA"?

"EXA" is the online course catalogue where all courses (lectures, tutorials, seminars, ...) of the university of Regensburg are listed. It is included in the campus portal "SPUR".

For which purposes can I use EXA?

  • See which courses are offered in the respective winter or summer semester (There is a button to select the semester)
  • Gather information about the courses you are interested in
  • Create your timetable
  • Registration for the courses: The registration mode can be found in the information about the course in EXA or on the homepage. This chair does not provide registration via EXA, but via GRIPS.

Link to the EXA Login

Here you find the link to the EXA login.

What is "GRIPS"?

What is "GRIPS"?

"GRIPS" is the platform on which lecturers make material (e.g. slides, literature, ...) available to students. Usually there is a "GRIPS course" for each course, so that you can download the material from the courses you attend.

The term "GRIPS" is an acronym for "Gemeinsame Regensburger Internet-Plattform für Studierende" ("Common Regensburg Internet Platform for Students"), which in German gives the word "Grips". Translated into English, "Grips" means something like "intelligence". The G for "Gemeinsam" ("Together") stands for the fact that both the students of the University and the Technical University of Applied Sciences (FH) use the platform.

For which purposes can I use GRIPS?

  • Registration for the course: The registration mode can be found in the information about the course in EXA or on the homepage. At this chair the registration via GRIPS is necessary.
  • Access to the teaching material and possibility to download it
  • Further options such as using the discussion forum, receiving short-term announcements from the lecturer, etc.

In times of Covid-19 GRIPS also plays a role for the participation in the lectures and tutorials, as the online meetings (which are planned at this chair via the conference tool "Zoom") are coordinated there.

Link to the GRIPS Login

Here you find the link to the GRIPS login.


Chair of Empirical Economics


Prof. Lea Cassar, Ph.D.

E-Mail: lea.cassar@ur.de

Phone: +49 941 943-2550
Office: RW(L) 5.12

Office hours: by arrangement