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M.Sc. Chemistry with focus on Bioanalysis

Bioanalysis – an interdisciplinary field providing the methodologies to study fundamental questions of life and to cope with life’s challenges in health diagnostics, pharmacy and medical technology. From probing single cells or molecules, providing point-of-care diagnostics to screening for new pharmaceutical drugs: developing novel bioanalytical tools is the basis of it all. The Master of Chemistry with focus on Bioanalysis aims at training a next generation of bioanalytical chemists who will have a broad foundation in chemical knowledge and an in-depth understanding of this interdisciplinary field where the life sciences meet analytical chemistry. Practical courses and research internships prepare the student for their independent Master’s research project, skillful scientific presentations and navigating scientific literature.

We seek students with a background in chemistry, curiosity for the life sciences and enjoyment in problem solving. Successful candidates receive the degree “MSc Chemistry” with a specialization in Bioanalysis. Application requires a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry or equivalent. 

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Dr. Claudia Wanninger-Weiß
Program Coordination Chemistry


In order to assess your suitability for the Master's program in Chemistry, the Chemistry department has compiled a short self-assessment test (PDF) for you.

To check your answers, you can find the Solutions to the questions (PDF) here.

required Documents:

Please submit all required documents (preferably PDF) by email. You will find the address in the application form. Please include in your application email that you would like to major in Bioanalytics!

Note for applicants from China, Vietnam or India:
In case of a professional admission you need an APS certificate!

Application Deadlines:

for starting in Winter semester: 01.03. - 01.06.

for starting in Summer semester: 01.09. - 01.12.

Study Contents:

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Basic Level

Bioanalysis 1:

Spectroscopic and microscopic approaches to study biomolecules with respect to concentration, structure and interaction partners in complex matrices.

Bioanalysis 2:

Sample preparation techniques for complex biological samples
Advanced separation techniques and their application in bioanalysis
Hyphenation of separation techniques with mass spectrometry: How two can be better than one

Advanced Level

Sensors Arrays and Screening in Bioanalysis
Point-of-Care Diagnostics and miniaturized (bio)sensors
Arrays and screening platforms for -omics and pharmaceutical drug development

Advanced Bioanalysis:
Bioanalysis at the interface to other disciplines. Select two out of four interdisciplinary topics in terms of electroanalysis, -omics, radiochemistry, and nanomaterials of your choice. Each course features modern bioanalytical and biosensor related questions at an advanced level with many references to ongoing research. 

Research Level

Independent research project

Methods Course:
Immersing in specialized bioanalytical techniques

Learn from and discuss scientific literature
Get exposed to the breadth of international science through the institute’s seminar

Perform innovative and independent research in bioanalysis

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MSc Chemistry with focus on Bioanalysis

Contact Person:

Prof. Dr. Antje J. Bäumner


Sabine Rudloff
Phone: +49 (0)941 943 4066