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Are you interested in studying and pursuing a college degree in Regensburg? In order to succeed in your studies, you need to have a good command of German. Our Preparatory German courses offer you the opportunity to learn academic German that is tailored to your specific field of study and takes into account your individual language needs. The program prepares you for the DSH test (Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang), which serves as proof of German proficiency and is required for university admission.


Our Preparatory courses are designed as intensive block courses. Semester courses consist of 240 hours of lessons and additional online courses. Vacation courses usually consist of 120 hours of lessons.

The courses help students improve their general language skills and prepare them for academic success. Participants also learn valuable study skills for their future academic endeavors in Germany. In addition, they can improve their German according to their own needs and schedule with the use of different online courses. Students can also attend workshops that give them the necessary tools and strategies to best help them navigate their studies. We also offer individual pronunciation training and language learning coaching.

Depending on available capacity, we offer courses for varying levels of German proficiency starting with B2 according to the guidelines provided by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR):

Intermediate Course (B2)

Requirements: onSET-Deutsch score of at least 70 (or comparable proof of language skills)

Our Intermediate Course is modeled to meet the requirements of level B2 as specified by the CEFR. Students learn more in-depth general language skills as well as comprehensive academic language skills.

The Intermediate Course is designed as an intensive course and is aimed at applicants who can demonstrate good language skills at level B1. After completing this course, participants move on to the next proficiency level, i.e. the Advanced course.

Completing the Intermediate Course does not lead straight to the DSH test. In general, students need to complete the Advanced Course in order to take the DSH test and pass with a results required for university admission.

Students take a final exam after completing the Intermediate Course. If they pass, they get to enroll in the Advanced course the following semester. They do not need to take another placement test if they pass with satisfactory results. Applicants who do not  meet the required score on the final exam have to take a placement test in order to move on to the Advanced course.

Advanced Course (B2+/C1)

Requirements: onSET-Deutsch score of at least 90 (or comparable proof of language skills)

Our Advanced Course is modeled to meet the requirements of level B2+/C1 or C1 as specified by the CEFR. Students gain more extensive language skills as well as more comprehensive academic language skills. In addition, students prepare for the DSH test in a test format training.

The Advanced Course is designed as an intensive course and is aimed at applicants wishing to prepare for their studies in Germany and for taking the DSH test. Applicants need to prove sufficient command of German on level B2. Upon completing the course, they can take the DSH. Applicants who do not pass the DSH will be able to take it again at the next available date. They can also repeat the course the following semester.

Dates & Schedule

Course start Course end Application deadline
Summer Semester 2024 17.04.2024 19.07.2024 15.01.2024
Winter Semester 2024/25 16.10.2024 28.01.2025 15.07.2024
Summer Semester 2025 23.04.2025 24.07.2025 15.01.2025

The courses generally take place from Monday to Friday. The timetable of the language course (without additional courses) is as follows:

Monday 08:30 - 11:45 Uhr
Tuesday 10:15 - 13:45 Uhr
Wednesday 08:30 - 11:45 Uhr
Thursday 10:15 - 13:45 Uhr
Friday 08:30 - 11:45 Uhr


The courses are aimed mostly at international applicants planning to study at or transfer to Universität Regensburg or OTH Regensburg. Applicants must hold the necessary qualifications for university admission.

Upon submitting their application, applicants need to prove their German language proficiency at level B1. The most common proof of German proficiency at this level is the onSET-Deutsch test. In addition to passing the onSET-Deutsch test, we also accept other forms of proof of German proficiency. The following certificates are accepted:

  • DSD
  • DSH
  • Goethe-Zertifikat
  • ÖSD
  • telc-Zertifikat
  • TestDaF
  • UNIcert

Registering and Enrolling

Preparatory Semester Courses

Registrations for the Preparatory German courses are processed by the Registrar’s Office (for Universität Regensburg applicants) or the International Office at OTH Regensburg (for OTH Regensburg applicants). Applicants can enroll in our language courses once they have been accepted at either university. It is not possible to enroll directly with the Department of German as a Foreign Language.

Registration Deadlines:

January 15 for the summer semester (April-September)
July 15 for the winter semester (October-March)

Universität Regensburg applicants can find out more information about the registration process by visiting the website of the International Office at UR.

Applicants to Hochschule Regensburg are advised to contact the International Office at OTH Regensburg.

Preparatory Vacation Courses

Applicants who have already been accepted can register for our Preparatory Vacation courses only through the Office of the Department of German as a Foreign Language.

Participants will receive more information about the registration process via email from our Office.


Placement into one of the course levels is initially based on the language certificate students submit with their application.

After they have been accepted, students can use the time between submitting their application and the start of the course by taking the onSET-Deutsch test at our test center to determine their current language abilities or to improve their placement score. Alternatively, they can submit a more up-to-date language certificate to the Department of German as a Foreign Language (email: studienvorbereitung.daf@ur.de)

Please note that the Department of German as a Foreign Language can only take certificates and placement results into account that are at the latest submitted a week before the course is set to start.  Switching courses or reviewing your placement in the Prep program after this point will not be possible.

Placement depends on the following criteria:

Placement with onSET-Deutsch

You can either take the onSET-Deutsch test at the test center at Universität Regensburg or an accredited test center around the world. Placement or admission to one of the course levels for the Prep program is based on the following criteria:

Course Level

Language Level


Intermediate Course


onSET-Deutsch score of at least 70

Advanced Course


onSET-Deutsch score of at least 90

If you want to take the onSET-Deutsch test in Regensburg, be sure to register for a date by filling out the registration form. Before registering, please note the information about the onSET-Deutsch.

Alternatives to Placement with onSET-Deutsch

As an alternative to the onSET-Deutsch test, we generally accept the following language certificates:

Intermediate Course (B2)1)

Advanced Course (B2+/ C1)2)


B1 (all parts)

Min. B2 (all parts)



Min. DSH-1



Min. B2



Min. B2



Min. B2



Min. TDN3 (all parts)


Level I

Min. Level II

1) Admission to Intermediate Course II (B2) for all certificates only with good or excellent results (at least 80% of test requirements)

2) Direct admission to Advanced course with Goethe B2, ÖSD B2, telc B2 only with satisfactory results (at least 70% of test requirements), otherwise admission to Intermediate Course (B2); these guidelines also apply for the result of the final test of Intermediate Course.

Please note that neither the DTZ certificate ("Deutschtest für Zuwanderer") nor the Certificate of the onSET for Refugees ("onSET für Flüchtlinge") are accepted during the application and placement process. Before applying, holders of these certificates can take the onSET-Deutsch test at the Regensburg test center as a convenient alternative.

Tuition and Fees



Tuition Fees

Semester Course

240 lessons language course + 48 additional classes

€ 530,-

Vacation Course

120 lessons language course + 24 additional classes

€ 250,-

In addition to tuition, students also have to pay the semester fee once per semester.