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DaF - German as a Foreign Language - German Programs - Intensive German Courses for Erasmus and Other Exchange Students


The International Office and the Department of German as a Foreign Language have teamed up to offer Intensive German courses prior to the start of the semester. The language courses are aimed at Erasmus and other exchange students wishing to prepare for their studies in Regensburg.


We offer Intensive German courses covering levels A1 to B2. The curriculum for each level consists of 104 hours of lessons and is divided into two major pillars:

  • Course 1: Language Course (80 lessons)
  • Course 2: Language Training (24 lessons)

Tutors guide students throughout the duration of the course, help them find their way around Regensburg, and assist them with any formalities that need to be addressed.

Course Dates

The Intensive German courses always take place during the lecture-free period. The beginning and end of the courses vary slightly from semester to semester, depending on when the lecture period of the semester is set to start. In general, courses begin about 5 weeks before lectures commence and consists of 20 days of lessons:

ILC for winter semester 2024/25: 09.09.2024-08.10.2024
ILC for summer semester 2025: 17.03.2025-11.04.2025

Requirements and Conditions

Our Intensive German courses are aimed at exchange students at Universität Regensburg looking to improve their German before the start of their studies. The courses are aimed primarily at newly arrived exchange students but are also open to other exchange students who are already enrolled at Universität Regensburg and other international students as well as PhD students and visiting academics if there is free capacity.


Students can register for Intensive German courses (ILC) only through Universität Regensburg’s International Office.

Course Certificate and ECTS Credits

After successfully completing the Intensive Course, students receive a "Schein" (certificate) with their ECTS credits and grades. In total, there are 12 ECTS credits to be awarded for the Intensive German program. The criteria for getting ECTS credits are as follows:

  • Regular attendance (at least 75%)
  • Active participation in class
  • Successful completion of all mandatory course assessments (e.g. tests)

The awarded grade has no influence on the number of ECTS credits that students receive. The overall grade is determined by the median grade from the two major pillar courses. The Language Course is weighted 75%  and the Language Training 25%.

Each course is assessed as follows:

Language Course:

  • mid-term test (40%)
  • final test (60%)

Language Training:

  • Active participation/on-course performance assessment (40%)
  • Course-related work/paper/project (60%)

Tuition and Fees

Please find the table with costs and fees for this course program as follows. The fee includes various support services provided by tutors, such as regular coffee hours and other social activities as well as welcome and goodbye parties and excursions.

Status Fees
Exchange students and visiting students (other than Erasmus) € 475,-
Erasmus Exchange students € 395,-
Regular students UR and OTH* € 475,-

PhD students and Visiting Scholars*

€ 475,-

*Participation only possible if there are places available and only on request.

Information without guarantee - please contact the International Office of the UR for the actual course fees.