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DaF - German as a Foreign Language - Pronunciation Coaching


Welcome to the Pronunciation Coaching Program at the Department of German as a Foreign Language

The Pronunciation Coaching Program at the Department of German as a Foreign Language is aimed at international students and applicants with level A2 language proficiency or higher wishing to improve their pronunciation skills in a friendly and open atmosphere. Our pronunciation coaches work in one-on-one tutoring sessions that are designed to tackle individual pronunciation challenges and give students the tools to help them improve their pronunciation independently. With the help of a pronunciation coach you will, for example,


  • Diagnose and analyze pronunciation challenges,
  • Create plan for practice,
  • Choose suitable study materials,
  • Devolop exercises tailored to your individual pronunciation challenges,
  • Track your progress.

Work on your pronunciation skills in a total of 5 one-on-one sessions per semester and register for a consultation by filling out the form below.


In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we believe it is better to err on the side of caution and have therefore decided to switch back to remote instruction for our pronunciation services until further notice.

After signing up for your first consultation, you will receive an email from us with further information.

Our Pronunciation Coaches

Ausspracheberatung Klein Monika 1

Monika Klein

Foto Wild Wiebke Schnitt

Wiebke Wild

Register for Sessions

Please only register for sessions with one coach. Always register for sessions with the same pronunciation coach.

NOTE: We can only process registrations that are submitted no later than the day before the actual session (aussprache.daf@ur.de).

If you cannot make a session, please let us know the day before the session by 12 pm.

If you register for two sessions and do not cancel in time you cannot register for any more sessions.

***Unfortunately, the pronunciation coaching won't take place during summer semester 2023.***

Additional Information

For more detailed illustrations of the Regensburg model of individual pronunciation counseling, see the following articles:

  • Klein, Monika / Stahl, Thomas (2020): Individuelle Ausspracheberatung für internationale Studierende. In: Fremdsprachen und Hochschule 95, pp. 45-52.
  • Schwaiger, Helmut (2016): Personenzentrierte Ausspracheberatung. Eine Arbeitshaltung. In: Sprechen – Zeitschrift für Sprechwissenschaft-Sprechpädagogik-Sprechtherapie-Sprechkunst 62, pp. 52-57.



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