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Examination dates

Examination Schedule

for the following Programs:

  • BSc Chemistry
  • BSc Business Chemistry (Chemistry Examinations only!)
  • Teacher Education / Bachelor of Education
  • Chemistry as Minor Subject (BSc Biology, BSc Biochemistry, BSc Mathematics)

Regular Examination Dates in WS 2023/24: PDF (Update: 09.11.2023)

Re-Examination Dates in WS 2023/24: PDF (Update: 07.08.2023)

Regular Examination Dates in SS 2024: PDF (Update: 02.02.2024)

Re-Examination Dates in SS 2024: PDF (Update: 02.02.2024)

Important Information:

The exam schedule is for student orientation only. Changes are possible at any time. The announcement by the examiner always has priority! The announcement and allocation of the lecture halls is done by the examiner in an appropriate way (e.g. GRIPS / FlexNow).

Please note the different examination modalities in your study program!

For Business Chemistry students:

The final announcement of the economics exam dates is the sole responsibility of the Economics Examination Office!

Master's Programs Chemistry / Medicinal Chemistry / COSOM:

In the Master's Programs Chemistry / Medicinal Chemistry / COSOM, the following Examination Periods are valid:

in the winter semester:

September 01 - December 15 

February 01 - February 28 (29)

in the summer semester:

April 01 - June 30

You can arrange the dates for your basic module examinations by yourself under TEMPO after the Examination Office for Chemistry has announced them