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Master Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis

Syncat At Ur

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For further information about the elite M.Sc. "Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis" (SynCat) please visit the SynCat-Website!

Elite graduate program M.Sc. "Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis" (SynCat)

If you have successfully graduated with a B.Sc. degree in Chemistry or Biochemistry and wish to expand your knowledge of the molecular sciences, then the two-year elite M.Sc. „Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis“ (SynCat) of the Network of Excellence Bavaria at the University of Regensburg is the perfect match. The thematically focused curriculum taught in English offers tailored training courses, intensive seminars, research lab rotations, technical English courses (to C1 level) and funded industry and abroad placements. Synthesis and catalysis play decisive roles in the development of sustainable production methods, new functional materials and pharmaceuticals, and hold the key to the solution of modern societal challenges such as energy, nutrition, and health.

SynCat offers free tuition, assistance with industrial and international research stays and a student counseling and individual mentoring system. Successful graduates of SynCat are equipped with the best skills to pursue a challenging academic career or assume leadership positions in chemistry, materials, and health or energy businesses.

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The SynCat Master course...

... offers the best possible training for a research career in synthesis and catalysis.

... is truly international.

... allows students immediate engagement in cutting edge research projects in synthesis and catalysis.

... seeks for the best talents in synthesis and catalysis having high goals.

... is taught by internationally renowned scientists in the field.

... provides excellent individual supervision, generous travel support and great research opportunities.

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Qualification and Application

Aptitude test:

All applicants are tested within a specific two-stage aptitude test to ensure academic success. 

For applying for our Master's program "Synthesis & Catalysis" please visit the SynCat-Website.

Participating Professors and Junior Scientists

Leading Scientist:

Koenig Burkhard   
Prof. Dr.
Burkhard Koenig

Participating Professors and Junior Scientists:

Diaz Diaz David                  Garciamancheno Olga                  Gschwind Ruth    
Prof. Dr.                           Prof. Dr.                           Prof. Dr.
David Diaz Diaz               Olga Garcia-Mancheno
     Ruth Gschwind

Jacobi Axel                 Korber Nikolaus                  Pfitzner Arno  
Prof. Dr. Axel                   Prof. Dr.                           Prof. Dr.
Jacobi v. Wangelin            Nikolaus Korber               Arno Pfitzner

Reiser Oliver                  Scheer Manfred                 Sterner Reinhard
Prof. Dr.                          Prof. Dr.                          Prof. Dr.
Oliver Reiser                    Manfred Scheer              Reinhard Sterner

Wolf Robert                 Fleischer Ivana                 Kretschmer Robert       
Prof. Dr.                          Dr.                                   Dr.
Robert Wolf                     Ivana Fleischer                 Robert Kretschmer


definition: C: compulsory course, CE: compulsory elective course, CHs: Contact hours, CP: Credit Points

L: Lecture, S: Seminar, LC: lab course, E: exercise, T: tutorial

Module ASC-M SYN "Basic Module "Synthesis" (Prof. Dr. A. Pfitzner)

C / CE Topic Type CHs CP
C Organic Synthesis I L 2 2
C Inorganic Molecular Chemistry L 2 2
CE Cluster Chemistry L 2 2
CE Biomolecules II L 2 2
CE Solid State Materials L 2 2
CE Inorganic Nanochemistry L 2 2
CE Organic Synthesis II L 2 2
CE Organic Synthesis III L 2 2
C Synthesis S 2 2
C Lab Course Synthesis LC 6 6

Module ASC-M CAT Basic Module "Catalysis" (Prof. Dr. O. Reiser)

C / CE Topic Type CHs CP
C Catalysis I L 2 2
C Coordination Chemistry and Catalysis L 2 2
CE Catalysis II L 2 2
CE Catalysis III L 2 2
CE Catalysis IV L 2 2
CE Biomolecules I L 2 2
CE Design of Proteins L 2 2
C Tutorial Synthesis T 2 2
C Lab Course Catalysis LC 6 6

Module ASC-M TEC Basic Module "Techniques" (Prof. Dr. R. Gschwind)

C / CE Topic Type CHs CP
C Techniques I L 2 2
C Techniques II L 2 2
C Techniques III L 2 2
C Theoretical Chemistry L 2 2
C Seminar Synthesis L 4 4
C English for Chemistry (Technical English) I E 2 2
C English for Chemistry (Technical English) II E 2 2


Module ASC-M ATEC Advanced Module "Techniques (practical course)"
(Prof. Dr. J. Rehbein)

C / CE Topic Type CHs CP
C Lab course Structure determination I LC 2 2
C Lab course Structure determination II LC 2 2
C Lab course Strucutre determination III LC 2 2
C Lab course and Seminar Theoretical Chemistry LC/S 4 4
C Lab course Synthesis LC 2 2

Module ASC-M RES-EX External (international) Module "Research"
(Prof. Dr. B. König)

C / CE Topic Type CHs CP
C Synthesis Chemistry LC 12 12

Module ASC-M CON CONcluding Module (Prof. Dr. M. Scheer)

C / CE Topic Type CHs CP
C Methods Course LC 10 10
C Excursion S 5 5

Module ASC-M MAT Master's Thesis Module (Prof. Dr. J. Wegener)

C / CE Topic Type CHs CP
C Master's Thesis LC 30 30
C Working group seminar S 4 3

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