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Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy

The Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmazie of Regensburg University offers excellent research opportunities, a world-class infrastructure and excellent study programs for more than 1500 students of chemistry, pharmacy, business chemistry and chemistry education.

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Current Events

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The Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy offer excellent study programs:

Bachelor Chemistry

Bachelor Business Chemistry (since WS 17/18)

Master Chemistry

Elite study program: Master Synthesis & Catalysis (international, since WS 16/17)

Master Complex Condensed Materials and Soft Matter (COSOM)

Master Medicinal Chemistry

Master Business Chemistry (since WS 2020/21)

Teaching Chemistry

Bachelor and Master of Education


Chemistry as minor subject (for students of BSc/MSc Mathematics)





The Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy offers great research opportunities and hosts several collaborative research programs:

Research Training Groups

Graduate School ChemPharm

Cooperations und Joint Projects

International Graduation Program

Infrastructure (Central Analytics Department, Research Funding)









The Faculty offers a world-class infrastructure for research and teaching. The Faculty is led by the dean and vice-deans. Important decisions are taken by the Faculty Council:

Institutes (Analytic Chemistry/Chemo-/Biosensorics, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical/Theoretical Chemistry, Pharmacy, Didaktics of Chemistry)

Dean's Office

Specialist Societies und Assiciations

Internal Information und Forms

Information on Libraries und Literature Datenbases

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Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy

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