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MS ISLA Workshop - Beyond the Mediterranean: Islands and Transmediterranity

20-22 October 2022 

MS ISLA Workshop - Beyond the Mediterranean: Islands and Transmediterranity

The CITAS-funded Research Network MS ISLA - Mediterranean Studies on Island Areas - is holding a workshop next week. The events on 21 October 2022 are open to interested colleagues.

The event takes place at Kaufmannsgewölbe, Hinter der Grieb 8 in Regensburg, starting at 9:00. There will be a keynote lecture at 18:45 by Edith Gonzalez (University at Buffalo, USA) on “Centering Barbudan Voices in the Past and Present”. Other talks will address themes including islands and bridges, Caribbean-Mediterranean connectoins, linguistic heritage, and questions of race and belonging in Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Germany.

Mediterranean islandness is not necessarily geographically fixed and linked to the Mediterranean region, but can be seen as a bundle of characteristics that can also be found in other areas, such as the Caribbean, the Baltic, the Red and the Arabian Sea or the “Atlantic Mediterranean” (Braudel): the Canaries, Madeira and São Tomé. An analytical comparison of those areas to the Mediterranean opens up perspectives on empirical relations between different regions against the background of islandness and often in a post-colonial context.

The full programme is attached and is also available here.


Kaufmannsgewölbe - Hinter dem Grieb 8, Regensburg