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Global South Lecture Series | Jochen Mecke (Regensburg) - 'The Global South goes North': Von "négritude" (Césaire, Senghor) zur "raison nègre" (Mbembe).

15.07.2021, 18:15-19:45

Jochen Mecke (Romance Studies/ CITAS, Regensburg)
'The Global South goes North': Von "négritude" (Césaire, Senghor) zur "raison nègre" (Mbembe). 

This lecture will be held in German

The Global South goes North: From “négritude“ (Césaire, Senghor) to “raison nègre“ (Mbembe)

Both the négritude and raison nègre movements are explored here as cultural identities that are spatially located in the Global South and make conscious use of the Eurocentric ascriptions, including the derogatory term "nègre", in order to turn them against the colonial cultures of the Global North and subsequently stake a claim for an autonomous cultural identity of equal standing. This lecture will explore the journey of an idea that has travelled from the conception of spatially-defined identity located in the Global South to its expansion into the Global North, as manifested in the writings of Achille Mbembe that not only reconceptualized the concept of négritude, but also the relationship between the Global South and the Global North.