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Information on dealing with the coronavirus 2019-nCoV


Informationen zum Umgang mit dem Coronavirus an der UR

Based on information provided by the Bavarian State Government and the Bavarian Ministry for Science and Art, the University administration is providing the following information for members of Universität Regensburg (UR). This information will be updated regularly.

Questions about dealing with the coronavirus

For questions about dealing with the coronavirus or about the resulting measures at the UR, you can now use the following email address: corona.faq@ur.de.

3G rule expired

3G rule no longer applies

As of April 4, 2022, the 3G verification and monitoring requirements at Bavarian universities will no longer apply.

Basic Protective Measures

  • Keep a minimum distance of 1.5 m from other persons wherever possible (this also applies to staircases, doors, elevators, corridors or sanitary rooms),
  • ensure adequate hand hygiene,
  • observe coughing and sneezing etiquette, and
  • avoid crowds.
  • Ventilate rooms regularly and sufficiently.

Mask recommendation

The current situation concerning the Corona virus makes it possible to soften the mask obligation in the buildings of Universität Regensburg. The mask obligation will be changed into a mask recommendation with immediate effect. It is still strongly recommended to wear a medical or FFP2 mask in buildings and closed rooms for health protection, unless the minimum distance of 1.5 meters can be reliably maintained. However, there is no general requirement to wear a mask indoors. As a general rule, please continue to ensure adequate distances in university buildings.

Lecturers are allowed to impose a mask requirement for their course: regardless of the distance rule, in this case participation in the course is only possible if students wear an FFP2 mask for the duration of the course. Teachers are required to announce such a mask requirement in good time.

Masks may be removed for purposes of identification of to communicate with persons with a hearing impairment.

Children are exempt from compulsory masks before their sixth birthday, and persons who can credibly show that it is unreasonable for them to wear a mask due to a disability or for other health reasons. They must show this immediately, normally by showing a written medical certificate (an original - not a copy), which must contain the full name, birthday and concrete details of why the person concerned is freed from the obligation to wear a mask.

Getting tested on campus

A free weekly testing service is available to all members of the University. Self-tests "for use by laypersons" are used for this purpose.

Since self-tests no longer have to be performed under supervision, the offer of supervised self-tests in the UR computer center (RZ CIP1) has been discontinued. The UR's free self-tests will now only be available for pick-up. For organizational reasons, the self-tests will not be issued to individuals, but only as collective orders to faculties or chairs/working groups, central institutions and cf. Further distribution then takes place within these organizational units.

Please send your advance orders by e-mail to praxisveranstaltung-corona@ur.de.

"Bürgertests" near campus

At the northern part of campus, at the parking lot between the university and the OTH Regensburg, a citizen test center offers Corona tests. Appointment bookings can be made at the following site: https://covid-testzentrum.de/regensburg-uni/

In front of the Bezirkskrankenhaus (BKH) at Universitätsstraße 84, alletesten.de offers free rapid tests. Prerequisite for a test is an online registration. In addition, an identity card must be presented.

In front of the main entrance of the University Hospital, another test center near campus offers free citizenship tests. Test appointments can be made through the following site: https://ukr-recot.probatix.de

Classroom-based courses, festive events

  • Classroom-based courses will be the norm at Universität Regensburg in the summer semester of 2022.
  • From the summer semester onwards, fully digitized courses will require the approval of the deans of studies. Digital or hybrid elements can and should be meaningful components of university teaching in terms of content and didactics and should be included in the innovative further development of the highly attractive courses offered by Universität Regensburg.
  • The use of lecture halls, seminar rooms and other teaching spaces to 100 % of their capacity is possible in principle.
  • Festive events and celebrations, which are organized and hosted under the responsibility of the university, are permitted in compliance with the requirements of the university's Infektionsschutzkonzept.
  • External organizers are responsible for their own events at the university. Organizers must observe and implement the current Corona pandemic framework concepts in accordance with the respective event.

What is important for working in home office?

Wherever possible and unless there are compelling business reasons not to do so, employees shall work from home. The service agreement on Alternating Telework and Flexitage offers appropriate possibilities.

Avoid having multiple people working in the same room at the same time. If this cannot be guaranteed, the distance between workstations should be as great as possible. If this is also not possible, a mask is to be worn by the affected employees. Please preferably use technical options such as video or telephone conferencing for meetings. If face-to-face meetings are necessary, the minimum distance of 1.5 meters must be maintained and sufficient ventilation must be provided.

What are the opening hours of Universität Regensburg?

The buildings on the university campus will be open from Monday to Friday between 06:00 and 22:00. On Saturdays, the buildings Law and Economics, Multi-purpose Building, and PT Building will each be open from 08:00 to 22:00. The natural sciences buildings, the Central Library and Sport will be open from 08:00 to 20:00. On Sundays, the buildings Law and Economics, Multi-purpose Building, and PT Building will each be open from 08:00 to 22:00. All other buildings will remain closed on Sundays. In urgent cases, Maintenance Services can be contacted at all times via the telephone number 0941 943 3333.

Where do I get help?

General questions

If you have questions on the measures being taken to contain the corona pandemic at Universität Regensburg, you can contact us at this email address: corona.faq@ur.de


For questions on using the University Library, for example on loaning out media or working in the reading rooms, you can get information from the University Library's website, you can contact the library by telephone (0941 943-3990, Mon.-Fri., 10:00-16:00), write an email, or use the chat function for UR members: UR Chat (search for "Auskunft UB", Mon.-Fri., 10:00-16:00).
For students from at-risk groups, the University Library offers a special service ensuring at little contact as possible.

Support for people in difficult situations

The Counseling Service for Mental Health offers advice sessions by telephone. Further tips and contacts for difficulties caused by the corona pandemic can be found on the homepage of the Central Department for Course Counseling.

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