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Diversity & Anti-Discrimination

Welcome to the Diversity Portal!

As an educational and research institution with responsibility for society as a whole, the University of Regensburg works towards an environment in which equal opportunities across all dimensions of diversity are practiced with the aim of equal participation, appreciation and promotion of all members, regardless of their individual characteristics (gender, sexual orientation, age, physical and mental abilities, social origin, nationality/ethnicity, religion) and discrimination is avoided. The reduction of structurally induced discrimination such as entrenched hierarchies, discrepancies in the distribution of resources and the opening up of opportunities should be just as much a focus as the commitment to barrier-free, tolerant, respectful working, teaching and learning conditions that lead people with the most diverse prerequisites and potentials to the best results.

With the diversity portal the Vice President for Internationalization and Diversity, Prof. Dr. Ursula Regener, would like to increase the visibility of all contact persons, events and measures including research and teaching at the University of Regensburg in this broad topic area.
The portal was launched on the 8th German Diversity Day on 26.05.2020. At its activation, the portal was (almost) empty. The aim was and still is that all members of the UR can successively fill it with announcements and reports, but also with offers in research and teaching.

If you would like your offer to appear in the diversity portal with a link to your homepage, please send us an e-mail to antidiskriminierung@ur.de

Our team

The Vice President for Internationalization and Diversity

The Vice President for Internationalization and Diversity is responsible in the area of anti-discrimination & diversity for all members of the University of Regensburg.

Since 01.04.2020 Prof. Dr. Ursula Regener is the first Vice President for Internationalization and Diversity.

Anti-Discrimination Point

The anti-discrimination point assists the Vice President for Internationalization and Diversity.

It supports existing structures and points which work against discrimination and it bundles activities. It is the first contact point for all questions and concerns related to diversity and discrimination.


Dr. Birgit Bockschweiger

Consultant for anti-discrimination & diversity

antidiskriminierung@ur.de or birgit.bockschweiger@ur.de

+49 941 943-2364

Diversity & Anti-Discrimination