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US Foreign Policy „live“

Students from Regensburg in Washington, DC

8 Sept 2023

The traditional Summer Symposium on US Foreign Policy took place in Washington, DC, from July 30 to August 10, 2023. This year, 17 students from the University of Regensburg participated in the program. The Symposium is an international summer school organized by the Osgood Center for International Studies under the leadership of Dr. Shelton Williams. A long-standing partnership of more than three decades between Dr. Williams and Prof. Dr. Stephan Bierling, Regensburg’s Chair for International Politics and Transatlantic Relations, has allowed hundreds of German students to benefit from the unique experience of an international summer school in the US capital. Since 2015, Associate Professor Dr. Gerlinde Groitl is in charge of the program on Regensburg’s side.

This year’s program featured about 30 briefings and discussions on US domestic and foreign policy as well as the most pressing issues in international affairs. Meetings generally took place at the Elliott School of International Affairs of the renowned George Washington University. In addition, the group had appointments at international organizations, embassies and think tanks all across town. The symposium follows the philosophy of experiential learning. Discussing current events first hand with decision-makers, renowned experts, analysts and journalists allows all participants to gain a 360-degree view of US foreign affairs. Topic’s included America’s turbulent domestic politics, tensions with China, Russia’s war against Ukraine, trends in transatlantic relations as well as the future of the global economy.   

On-site visits took the group to the German Embassy, the Embassy of the Philippines, at the International Monetary Fund and Think Tanks like the Hudson Institute or the Stimson Center. Experts like Richard Haass, President emeritus of the US Council on Foreign Relations, William E. Moeller, Director of the Office of East African Affairs at the US Department of State, Charlotte Hulme from the US-Military Academy West Point, Robert Daly, director of the Kissinger Institute on China and the United States at the Wilson Center research institute, Michael O’Hanlon, defense expert from the think tank Brookings Institution, und Shane Harris, national security correspondent of the Washington Post, offered their insights and expertise. Visits to the US Capitol, the Library of Congress, memorials, museums as well as cultural events completed the academic program with diverse intercultural experiences.  

You can find a video greeting from DC here: 

The next Summer Symposium is scheduled to take place from July 28 to August 8, 2024. For further details please see the website of the Chair for International Politics and Transatlantic Relations:  

Participants from Regensburg at the 2023 Washington Summer Symposium. © Universität Regensburg / Summer Symposium, Dr. Gerlinde Groitl

Conversation with Trita Parsi of the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft. © Universität Regensburg / Summer Symposium, Dr. Gerlinde Groitl

Gerlinde Groitl in conversation with Peter Rough, Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute. © Universität Regensburg / Summer Symposium, Dr. Gerlinde Groitl


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