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Regensburg Area Studies Prizes

Felix Bruckner, Tizian Dick, and Miriam Mähner Receive Awards for their Area Studies Theses at the University of Regensburg - Research Colloquium with Dr. Jan Hornát, Charles University Prague... more


Letting Silences Speak

Sharing insights and experiences from interdisciplinary collaborations between academia, artistic practice, curation, and policy-making: The artists' collective The Neighbours in Regensburg.... more


Duties of Civility?

International Conference on John Rawls's Theory of Deliberative Democracy and its Relevance in the Digital Age at the University of Regensburg... more


Think Space Ukraine (TSU)

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) funds Center for Interdisciplinary Ukrainian Studies at the University of Regensburg... more


Witnessing the War in Ukraine

UR visiting scholar Natalia Khanenko-Friesen, University of Alberta, Canada, about testimony research and academic accountability.... more


Malodorous Metropolises

Plenty of marble, trash of all kinds: It smelled bad in ancient metropolises - From the annual conference of the DFG Research Training Group 2337 "Pre-Modern Metropolitanism" at the University of Regensburg... more


Excellence in Science Communications

UR Archaeology project “Bibione antica - Discovering the Past” awarded by Venetian municipalities... more


US Foreign Policy „live“

Students from Regensburg in Washington, DC... more


(In)Securities: America’s European Agenda

Jeff Rathke, U.S. expert on Germany, talks with UR students and Dr. Gerlinde Groitl about German-American relations and the transatlantic partnership... more


New Courses: Albanian Language and Culture

... more

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