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Atomic-scale telegraphy with light

Physicists at the University of Regensburg manage to reach atomic resolution with optical microscopy by measuring light from a quantum spark faster than a trillionth of a second... more


Quantum dance to the beat of a drum

Physicists at the University of Regensburg choreograph the shift of a quantized electronic energy level with atomic oscillations faster than a trillionth of a second... more


Overcrowding increases tree mortality, perhaps explaining higher biodiversity in tropical forests

... more


Already babies get what is right or wrong

UR study shows infants' understanding of social norms ... more


Neurons Can Feel the Pulse in the Brain

UR Researchers at the Faculty for Biology and Preclinical Medicine publish study in Science... more


“Invasive ants evade our attacks”

Invasive ants selectively abandon toxic baits, evading the most effective way we have of controlling them... more


Looking at the Sides of Molecules

Lateral force microscopy reveals previously unseen hydrogen atoms.... more


A novel microscope operates on the quantum state of single electrons

UR researchers publish study in the renowned journal Nature... more


Why Does It Get Hot When You Rub Things Together?

Unraveling the Mystery of Dynamic Friction at the Atomic Level... more


Unpacking the smart way

How Incoming adenoviruses change their chromatin structure for efficient gene expression... more

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