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Women's Representatives & Coordination Office

University Women's Representative and Her Deputies

University Women's Representative

Prof. Dr. Isabella von Treskow

Contact Details

Fakultät für Sprach-, Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaften
Institut für Romanistik
Lehrstuhl für Romanische Philologie I

Building PT, Room 3.3.18
phone +49 941 943-3373
e-mail isabella.von-treskow@ur.de

Homepage of Lehrstuhl für Romanische Philologie I

Deputy University Women's Representative

Prof. Dr. Miriam Banas

Contact Details

Universitätsklinikum / Fakultät für Medizin
Abteilung für Nephrologie

phone +49 941 944-7301
e-mail miriam.banas@ukr.de

Homepage of her department ...

Deputy University Women's Representative

Prof. Dr. Ute Leimgruber

Contact Details

Fakultät für Katholische Theologie
Professur für Pastoraltheologie und Homiletik

phone +49 941 943-3740
e-mail ute.leimgruber@ur.de

Homepage of the professorship ...

Faculty Women's Representatives

The names and contact details of all faculty women's representatives can be found here on the German-language website ...

Mission and Responsibilities

According to Article 4, Para. 1, Clause 1 BayHSchG, in exercising their function, universities promote the actual implementation of gender equality and consider this a guiding principle; they work towards eliminating existing disadvantages. The women's representatives, according to Article 4, Para. 2 BayHSchG, strive to eliminate disadvantages to female researchers, lecturers, and students; they support the university in exercising its function as outlined in Para. 1.

Pursuant to Section 54, Para.1, Clause 1 of the University of Regensburg's statute, the university women's representative and her deputies are elected by the senate upon the president's recommendation to a four-semester term of office. Full-time arts and science personnel at the University of Regensburg are eligible for this position. She is a voting member of both the governing board and the senate. Furthermore, she has an advisory function on UR's executive board. 

The faculty women's representatives endeavour to enhance equal opportunities and to increase the compatibility of family and career or studies. Pursuant to Section 54, Para. 1, Clause 1 of the University of Regensburg's statute, they are elected by the faculty board upon the dean's recommendation from among UR's full-time arts and science personnel. According to Section 55, Para. 2 of the statute, the women's representative elected by their respective faculty is a voting member of the faculty board and in appointment procedures. 

To access the complete Bavarian Higher Education Act (BayHSchG) and the UR statute, please click here ...

The Women's Representatives Conference

At the Women's Representatives Conference, women's representatives meet twice a semester to share information, experiences, and suggestions across faculties. This forum also allows for cross-faculty cooperation, which is indispensable for working successfully in the complex area of equal opportunities and family.

To access the Women's Representatives Conference charter, please click here (pdf file, 240 KB, German-language) ...

Equal Opportunities & Diversity Coordination Office

The Equal Opportunities & Diversity Coordination Office is made up of university women's representative employees as well as the employee of the Vice President for Diversity. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns relating to equal opportunities and diversity.

Names and contact details of the employees can be found here on the German-language website ...

University Women's Representatives Timeline

The office of the women's representative was introduced into the 1989 Bavarian Higher Education Act and was thereupon added to the 1989 University of Regensburg's statute. 

In the summer semester of 1989, the first university women's representative was named in UR's course catalogue. We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all female researchers who have served in this office with such extraordinary commitment since its inception!

Click here to access an overview of the university women's representatives since the summer semester of 1989 (pdf file, 85 KB, as of 7/2021).

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