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Center of Migration and Education

Migration changes societies. Understandings of belonging and forms of life multiply, while at the same time ideas of “Us” and “the Others”, identity and alterity, solidify. Under these conditions, competent pedagogical action requires, on the one hand, a critical examination of the forms of discrimination that occur in processes related to migration in the field of education. On the other hand, there is a need to develop pedagogical and didactical approaches that take into account the plurality of society.

Through research, teaching and third mission, the Center of Migration and Education at the University of Regensburg aims to meet these requirements in a scientifically sound and practically oriented way: Research projects and a critical curriculum strive to raise the visibility of and to reduce discrimination and its mechanisms. In cooperation with relevant civil society and political actors, modules for pedagogy and didactics in a world shaped by migration and globalization are developed, implemented and evaluated.

Such pedagogy and didactics need to draw on various scientific disciplines (e.g. Cultural Studies, Linguistics and German as a Second or Foreign Language, Sociology and Political Science, Educational Science, Psychology, History) in research, teaching and third mission. Establishing this interdisciplinarity locally as well as (trans-)nationally in all three working areas is a main goal of the Center.

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Center of Migration and Education


Prof. Dr. Meike Munser-Kiefer
Prof. Dr. Rupert Hochholzer
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Hans Gruber


Cheyma Arfaoui, M.A.
Lisa Klein, M.A.