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Third Mission


  • Networking with stakeholders and institutions of the professional field
  • Intertwining the University of Regensburg with training offers in the professional fields
  • Dissemination in scientific community and practice
  • Advice on (educational) politics


Cooperation and information from actors in the field

Networking with CampusAsyl e.V.
being a university-related access to the professional and practical field (for research and studies)

Networking with school supervising authorities
e.g. with representatives of the school office in Regensburg and the government of Upper Palatinate

Training offers

Intertwining of professionalizing offers
e.g. a Spiral approach of the coordination between the Certificate Migration and Education with the three phases of teachers’ training

Topic integration in advanced training courses
e.g. organizing events at the Chair of Pedagogy during the round table “Brückencafé” (Program of the primary school pedagogy)

Dual publication strategy

Publication within scientific institutions
e.g. of research results in national and international journals with quality control (e.g. through peer review)

Publication within institutions of the professional field
e.g. Interventions and programs, publication summarizing the 1st interdisciplinary science conference on June 20/21, 2018, hosted by CampusAsyl e.V.

Consulting offers

Establishment of a working group with representatives from politics, civil society and institutions
e.g. Education in a society shaped by migration

  1. Universität
  2. Rechenzentrum



Prof. Dr. Meike Munser-Kiefer
Prof. Dr. Rupert Hochholzer
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Hans Gruber


Cheyma Arfaoui, M.A.
Lisa Klein, M.A.