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Alperen Aksoy

E-mail: alperen.aksoy@ur.de

Room: VG 3.12

Alperen Aksoy is a PhD candidate since 20.10.2020. He completed his bachelor and master degree in Computer Science and Engineering.

Research Areas:

Network Privacy, Anonymous Communication Networks, Mix Networks

I deal with the users’ privacy in anonymous communication networks. My research mainly focuses on traffic analysis attacks to exploit user’s privacy and how to protect users against this type of attacks in communication networks. 


Supervision of Bachelor and Master Seminars

Open Master Thesis Topics

Topic: Developing a Generic Mix Networks Simulator 

Famous communication protocols like TCP/IP and UDP were not designed to protect users’ privacy. A primary attacker who can tap the network traffic using basic tools can easily determine who is communicating with whom. To preserve the link between sender and recipient, Mix networks are offered by David Chaum. In mix networks,  messages are sent to specific routers named mix, then these messages are forwarded to the recipient after the batching and shuffling process.

Several types of mixes are offered by researchers. In this work, you will develop a generic open-source mix network simulator. User should create her/his own mix network by using the user interface and be able to see the degree of anonymity of this network. To measure the degree of anonymity, well-known methods (Anonymity set size, Entropy, Required Observation against passive attacks etc.) will be used. Also, performance metrics should be simulated and given in a detailed report.

If you are interested in this topic, please contact me by e-mail.

  1. Fakultät für Informatik und Data Science
  2. Institut für Wirtschaftsinformatik


Lehrstuhl Wirtschaftsinformatik IV

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