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Chair of Comparative European Ethnology

Comparative European Ethnology as a course of studies is also taught at other universities as European Ethnology, Empirical Cultural Studies or Cultural Anthropology. Modern research relates to both historical and contemporary topics and perspectives. The analysis focuses on the social and cultural life of broad sectors of the population in a problem-oriented way. As such, the emphasis is increasingly placed on questions of cultural contact, the comparison of cultures and cultural exchange. As a cultural science theoretically and methodically oriented toward comparative studies of culture across time and space, Comparative European Ethnology is the ideal combination for other courses of studies.

As a broad-based cultural science, the subject covers, inter alia, region-specific customs and festivities in a globalised world, religious life in a secularised society, narratives as indicators of cultural processes and culture-specific solutions for basic needs such as eating and drinking, clothing and housing. The range of courses on offer is correspondingly diverse and incorporates course-related research projects, publications, exhibitions and excursions.

Courses of Study

Comparative European Ethnology can be studied as a main or subsidiary subject within the following courses:

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Masters
  • Masters in “East European Studies” (Elite Course of Studies)
  • Teacher Training Certificate
  • PhD

In addition, Comparative European Ethnology can also be pursued as part of various Diploma and other modular courses.

Employment Areas

Comparative European Ethnology as a course of study leads to a qualification that is superbly suited to a range of prospective areas of employment. Our graduates find employment above all in the following:

  • Research and teaching
  • Press, radio and television
  • Museums and exhibitions
  • Libraries and archives
  • Cultural sector administration, management and communications
  • Leisure and tourist industries
  • Trend and consumer research

Further information

We would be pleased to answer any questions you may have. Further information can also be acquired through the following:

An introductory event (see notices and website)

Study guidance during the relevant teacher’s weekly office hour and upon agreement by telephone: 0941 / 943-3722

Contact with the student representatives: 0941 / 943-3495

Detailed course information on the department’s website and by way of a hard copy displayed on the notice board next to the secretary’s office

The department is located in the PT (Philosophie Theologie) building, ground floor, near the Otto-Hahn-Straße bus stop, as indicated in the site-plan.

  1. Faculty of Languages, Literature and Cultural Studies
  2. Institute for Information and Media, Language and Culture

Chair of Comparative European Ethnology

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