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Prof. Herresthal accepts highly skilled PhD-candidates from foreign jurisdictions. Surely, the candidates have to meet the requirements of the Faculty of Law of the University of Regensburg for foreign PhD-candidates to enroll as a Phd-student (cf. for further details here).

Research areas possibly covered by a doctoral thesis under the guidance of Prof. Herresthal may be chosen from all areas of the law covered by the research Agenda of the chair, i.e. Private Law, German and European Commercial and Corporate Law, Banking Law, Capital Markets Law and the Theory of Law. 

Please, send your request by email to the Chair of Prof. Herresthal. It is usefull to add a short cv to your request.

  1. Faculty of Law
  2. Civil Law

Prof. Dr. Carsten Herresthal

Chair for Private Law, Commercial and Corporate Law, Law of the European Union and Theory of Law


Phone +49 941 9432631
Fax +49 941 9434965